Two Poems by Marcin Sendecki (b. 1967)


Night yelps Day burns

Maybe later

Some kind of later whence

Under a heavy eyelid


On a bone-chilled beach

A delicious afternoon

Ready for the road

The wave waits


Yelps Goes deep to the heart

Catches itself sorts itself out

Drags itself whence


Braided bones seaweed

A diesel engine purrs The heart

On jump rope


Translated by Kacper Bartczak and Marit MacArthur





Yesterday a Tuesday Today is 
Tuesday outside as in David

Schubert Substrate As

a day count word by


word from an equal

half equals two equals a week from

you a fresh twilight chilled

What’s the difference


On the sun I know not what

to write Carved months

the oculist will tear out


with an eyedropper? Station after station

the winter crossed the river

A tributary swallows on the forum


Translated by Kacper Bartczak and Marit MacArthur