Gilbert Adair Like a metaphor
Ongoing relations between 'poetry' and 'science'
Mar 13, 2012
Gilbert Adair Poetry supplement Mar 13, 2012
Sandra Alland New Scottish poets Oct 11, 2012
Charles Bernstein Barbara Guest: The art of poetry Jun 10, 2011
Charles Bernstein Gertrude Stein's war years: Setting the record straight
A dossier
May 09, 2012
Gregory Betts Avant-Canada
On the Canadian avant-garde
Oct 06, 2016
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Pam Brown Fifty-one contemporary poets from Australia: Part 5 Nov 16, 2012
Laynie Browne Solidarity Texts Apr 13, 2018
Louis Bury Walk poems
A series of reviews of walking projects
Nov 02, 2011
Tanya Clement Dropping the Baroness in the middle
Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven, Dada dressing, German Arts, and poetry today
Jun 20, 2011
Matthew Cooperman 'Reasons for singing': On John Taggart Jun 18, 2014
Jon Curley Michael Heller: New writing and commentary Aug 29, 2018
Thomas Devaney Traveling furiously toward you
John Ashbery and the arts
Dec 09, 2013
Sarah Dowling Adaptations in Bengali poetry May 21, 2012
Sarah Dowling Contemporary English poetry and North American influences Dec 06, 2012
Sarah Dowling North of invention Mar 29, 2013
Sarah Dowling On Australian Aboriginal poetry
'The last evening glow above the horizon'
Mar 06, 2012
Jim Dunn Mass: Charles Olson Dec 24, 2012
Jim Dunn Mass: Cid Corman Dec 24, 2012
Jim Dunn Mass: Gerrit Lansing Dec 24, 2012
Jim Dunn Mass: John Wieners Dec 24, 2012
Jim Dunn Mass: Larry Eigner Dec 24, 2012
Jim Dunn Mass: Raw poetry from the commonwealth of Massachusetts Dec 24, 2012
Farnoosh Fathi New Brazilian poets Apr 06, 2011
Al Filreis Marjorie Perloff: A celebration Nov 08, 2012
Al Filreis Poetry in 1960, a symposium Apr 27, 2011
Al Filreis Stanley Burnshaw Jun 28, 2011
Todd Fredson Les chemins
An introduction to contemporary Ivorian poetry
Apr 02, 2021
Laura Goldstein Toward a wilder review Oct 06, 2015
David Grundy A short history of Tom Weatherly Sep 06, 2019
William J. Harris On Kenneth Irby Nov 18, 2014
Vincent Katz The lyrical personal of Joe Ceravolo
An introduction
Mar 01, 2013
David Kaufmann A Schuyler of urgent concern Jun 30, 2012
Zane Koss Non-object art
From representation to action
May 14, 2021
Marit MacArthur (Polish) Poetry after Różewicz Nov 24, 2015
C. J. Martin On Myung Mi Kim Apr 12, 2013
J. Peter Moore Voices on Joseph Donahue Dec 17, 2014
Tracie Morris The Motion of Light: Celebrating Samuel R. Delany Feb 12, 2015
Janet Neigh Dialogues with M. NourbeSe Philip Sep 17, 2013
Daniel Owen 'the voice of a cricket in a museum of city sanitation'
An introduction to the work of Afrizal Malna
Jul 14, 2020
Niamh O’Mahony Trevor Joyce: Reading in Ireland Feb 03, 2014
Kevin M. F. Platt Aleksandr Skidan: Two films, two poems, and an interview Mar 02, 2018
Kevin M. F. Platt Russian poetic counterpublics Aug 08, 2014
Katie L. Price Poetry Communities
A conference companion
Sep 25, 2013
Patrick Pritchett Drafting beyond the ending
On Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Dec 14, 2011
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a.rawlings Sound, poetry: The feature Aug 18, 2011
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Margaret Ronda Positions of the sun: Lyn Hejinian and her students May 13, 2024
Jack Ross Look and look again
Twelve New Zealand poets
Nov 29, 2011
Judah Rubin The subterranean baroque of Roger Santiváñez Apr 07, 2022
Michael Ruby Thirteen poems by Bernadette Mayer Mar 02, 2016
Susan M. Schultz Pacific poetries
Forms for an ocean
Apr 05, 2011
Jordan Scott FOIA request #SC 15–102-S
The detainee library
May 31, 2019
Eric Selinger Poet with a steady job
An introduction to Lawrence Joseph
Feb 09, 2012
Richard Swigg Addressing one's peers
The letters of Charles Tomlinson and George Oppen, 1963–1981
May 19, 2014
Michelle Taransky Collaboration and possibilities
Reviews of chapbooks by Dan Beachy-Quick and Srikanth Reddy
Jul 19, 2011
Nico Vassilakis Antología poesía visual
Five Chilean visual poets
Apr 28, 2014
Nico Vassilakis Finnish vispo: Kokoomateos Feb 15, 2016
Divya Victor Conceptual writing (plural and global) and other cultural productions Feb 05, 2016
Divya Victor Discourses on vocality
Vanessa Place, Kim Rosenfield, Rachel Zolf, and Myung Mi Kim
Apr 12, 2013
Divya Victor Extreme texts Jun 20, 2019
Kyle Waugh Nineteen Poems Nov 18, 2014
Kyle Waugh Twelve letters from Kenneth Irby to Edward Dorn Nov 18, 2014
Marta L. Werner Hannah Weiner's 'The Book Of Revelations'
A new annotated edition
Apr 07, 2011