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Gil: Talk for launch of Gil Ott's 'arrive on wave'

Presented at Temple University on January 24, 2016

Photo courtesy Julia Blumreich

“We / take the form / of our uncertainty,” Gil Ott wrote in a 1984 poem. I take that as a motto of a poetics we shared, Gil and me, born the same year smack in the middle of the last century. Uncertainty remains now, as it was thirty years ago, as it was in 1950, a poetic vice for many. Gil expressed his searching uncertainty with an unflappable and genial defiance, living his fifty-four years with grace, courage, outrage, and élan. 

Creeley films by Bruce Jackson and Diane Christian

Willy’s Reading by Bruce Jackson and Diane Christian, 1982

NPR News admits to role as Trump enabler: Defiantly refuses to make an intervention

In a conversation with reporter Mary Louise Kelly and NPR’s senior vice president for news, Michael Oreskes, NPR News makes clear that its policy is not to use the word “lies” when referring to blatant lying by Popular-Vote-Loser Trump and his aides. There has been much commentary on how the mediocracy contributed to the Trump election coup and this admission confirms that NPR is using a conscious strategy of doublespeak.

Julie Patton, Thars writing in them trees

a mouth in branches
(easy to spot)
F R E E 
shit & ship talk
sun top
dare (but I misplaced 2 letters)
The bush got swirly in
& frame
which reads:

Tonya Foster reads 'Techo Aisles' plus Erica Hunt on 'Swarm of Bees in High Court'

©Charles Bernstein (Jan. 8, 2008)

My video of Tonya Foster reading “Techo Aisles” on Feb. 20, 2016: