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New Edition of Hannah Weiner's Clairvoyant Journal

Clairvoyant Journal 1974
is the first edition of the Clairvoyant Journal that follows the page design and format of Weiner's manuscript. For the first time, Weiner's spatial organization is kept intact. (In this work of "concrete prose," line breaks are retained). 

Clairvoyant Journal 1974 is based on the typescripts Early and Clairvoyant Journals and includes the entries dated February 23 to June 10.

Patrick Durgin provides an overview of the edition here.

Dean Drummond's Café Buffé, libretto by Charles Bernstein: sound recording and libretto now available

a microtonal opera scored for the instruments of Harry Partch and Dean Drummond

Drummond on the set for Daphne of the Dunes by Harry Partch, playing a harmonic canon, La Mama Experimental Theater, 1994. Hat by Alice Farley. Photo by Jeffrey Starin.

Sound file of  live performance  (52:29): MP3
Libretto:  summer stock (December, 2014)

Controlling Interests: 35th anniversary ebook edition

In late 1979, James Sherry decided to end the run of ROOF magazine and begin ROOF books. Controlling Interests was the first title of the press, which continues on, active as ever. Our first problem was funding –– I remember writing letters to everyone I could think of -- relatives and old friends but not fellow poets -- and realizing the fundraising was not my forté. One way or another, we cobbled together the money for the typesetting, which was done be Skeezo (Barbara Barg, Joel Chassler) and for the offset printing. I remember one day James and I going into a print shop in Chelsea to look through the PMS color chart to decide on the color of the type-only cover: a very dark blue (which we changed to turquoise for the second edition). Back cover: totally blank. James has kept the book in print these past 34 years and you can still get the print edition from SPD for $12 (I think the first edition sold for $4 or $5). 

But as of now you can get a digital copy too:

Amazon Kindle eb00k: $4

Charles Bernstein: readings and lectures in Chile with Enrique Winter, November 2014

& book launch for Abuso de Sustancias (Alquimia Ediciones)

Abuso de sustancias, tr. Enrique Winter (Santiago, Chile: Alquimia Ediciones)