Charles Bernstein

My conversation with Diego Maquieira in Santiago

Enrique Winter's account my meeting with Chilean poet Diego Maquieira at Diego's house in Santiago has just been published in Letras Libres, October 2015: "Cuando Charles conoció a Diego." Letras Libres  has also made it available on their web page: here.

Marginalia for Susan Howe's 'Spontaneous Particulars: The Telepathy of Archives'

My annotations, made for the first performance of the essay for the Trilling lecture at Columbia on Nov. 31, 2011:


Nick Montfort at Kelly Writers House

photo: © Charles Bernstein, 2015

In Nick Montfort's new book from #!, from Counterpath, he uses this code to generate the poems. I like the code as a poem in/as itself. 

Lorelei: Heine translations from 'Shadowtime'

Lorelei Fountain i/ Heine Mermorial in The Bronx

Henry Hills is in the process of making a film in and around the letter “H” — and for that he is using my homophonic translation of  Harry (Heinrich) Heine’s “Die Lorelei,” with images of the The Bronx Lorelei Foundation. I recorded a reading of the poem for him last week, along with the rest of  my libretto for “Seven Tableaux Vivants Representing the Angel of History as Melancholia,” Scene 6 of Brian Ferneyough’s opera, Shadowtime.

'1–100' (1969)

1–100: MP3
The original title of this work was “1,100,” as I discovered when I stumbled on the original reel and box.