'To anyone and everyone'

Translated from the French by Marco Wilkinson

“To anyone and everyone”

To anyone and everyone
this land its soul
demands a star
as bow
in its night
its fate so like the black
wave over it
that breaks
asks again
O dark path
the tunnel’s name

to anyone and everyone
a star that splits
cuts the fat
from the horizon
from its flecks
makes fuel
in its launch
divines the directions

to anyone and everyone
this land broken by
cliffs —
Let this land be quiet
and so
listen to its volcanoes
massage itself inside out
its skies on their own blaze
their trails
and finally
its evenings its mornings,
without a fuss,
its tomorrows.


“À tout venant”

À tout venant
ce pays son âme
réclame étoile
comme proue
dans son soir
son sort telle la vague
noire qui son cours
demande encore
ô chemin sombre
le nom du tunnel

à tout venant
une étoile qui fende
le temps
coupe les gras
à bord d’horizon
de ses micas
fasse carburant
dans sa lancée
devine directions

à tout venant
ce pays rompu de
falaises —
Laissez ce pays se taire
et ce faisant
écouter ses volcans
masser ses envers
ses ciels partir seuls
leurs chemins
et enfin
se rencontrer,
ses soirs ses matins,
sans histoires,
ses lendemains.



Excerpt from La Nuit Était Notre Seule Arme, © Editions l’Harmattan, 2015. Translated by Marco Wilkinson © 2016.