Charles Bernstein

The Song of the Sewing Machine

Thinking of Reznikoff's “Amelia,” and the long essay on this poem by Richard Hyland posted here, and then, yesterday, going to a sewing machine performance of Elena Berriolo, I was remind of a song sung by Fanny Brice (1891-1951) that I have long been planning to write about — as an extension of discussion of Second Wave Modernists in “Objectivist Blues” in Attack of the Difficult Poems. I hope to come back to this song in the context of Brice’s other work, but for now, just the song:

Blanco Inmóvil: selected poems of Charles Bernstein translated into Spanish by Enrique Winter

The first book in the new Chimera translation series from Fondo de Animal Editores (Guayaquil, Ecuador) is Blanco Inmóvil (Standing Target), translated by Enrique Winter. The final poem in the book is "Chimera" from Recalculating. Below -- "A Defence of Poetry" and "In a Restless World Like This Is" plus Winter's introduction.

Poetics List is 20

The Buffalo Poetics list is twenty. I started the list in December 1993 with this poem --

Above the world-weary horizons 
New obstacles for exchange arise
Or unfold,
O ye postmasters!

Our first post was from Peter Quartermain about the new Coach House edition of Robin Blaser’s The Holy Forest

On Wilderness & Language

Jerome Rothenberg's New Wilderness Letter has been added to Jacket 2's Reissue series, thanks to Danny Snelson. 

The Selected Letters of Louis Zukofsky, edited by Barry Ahearn (2013)

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free in-screen digital book

Here is the first letter, from when Zukofsky was only 15 -- a submission to Poetry magazine: