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Editor: Peter Golub; Co-editor: Tatyana Golub
[»»] Peter Golub: A New Beginning: The Young Post-Soviet Poets

From Peter Golub’s Introduction:
These poets are both the catalysts and the products of a paradigm shift in Russian letters. They came of age when the traditional institutions of the Soviet Union no longer existed or when these institutions were undergoing heavy revision during perestroika.
These poets have an inclusive approach to poetry, and this has often made their older colleagues suspicious of whether the writing counts as poetry at all. Hence, many of these authors are polemicists, whose main goal is to broaden the possibilities of poetry — to expand the definition of poetry. Today, there is a tumultuous atmosphere in Russian poetry, and if you are like me, then this is a good thing.

[»»] Peter Golub: Справочник: Who is Helping the New Russian Poetry?
[»»] Interview: Mikhail Aizenberg in conversation with Peter Golub
[»»] Oleg Dark: On Anastasia Afanasieva Tr. Marian Schwartz
[»»] Anastasia Afanasieva: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Olga Livshin: Nina Iskrenko (1951–1995): Lyricism at the End of an Era
[»»] Nina Iskrenko: Tr. Vitaly Chernetsky
[»»] Nina Iskrenko: Tr. Olga Livshin
[»»] Maxim Amelin: Tr. Christine A. Dunbar
[»»] Aleksandr Anashevich: Tr. Vitaly Chernetsky
[»»] Polina Andrukovich: Tr. Christine A. Dunbar
[»»] Nikolai Baitov: Tr J. Kates
[»»] Polina Barskova: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Sveta Bodrunova: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich
[»»] Dmitry Bushuev: Tr. Rebecca Gould and Peter Golub
[»»] Danila Davydov: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Alexei Denisov: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Nastya Denisova: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Elena Fanailova: Tr. Stephanie Sandler and Genya Turovskaya
[»»] Sergey Gandlevsky: Tr. Philip Metres
[»»] Dina Gatina: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Marianna Geide: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Pavel Goldin: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Dmitry Golynko: Tr. Eugene Ostashevsky
[»»] Linor Goralik: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Anna Gorenko: T. J. Kates and Sibelan Forrester
[»»] Mikhail Gronas: Tr. Christopher Mattison with the author
[»»] Julia Idlis: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Viktor Ivaniv: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Vadim Kalinin: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Gennady Kanevsky: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich
[»»] Natalya Kluchareva: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Mikhail Kotov: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Ilya Kriger: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Sergei Kruglov: Tr. Vitaly Chernetsky
[»»] Sergei Kruglov: Tr. J. Kates
[»»] Ilya Kukulin: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich
[»»] Inga Kuznetsova: Tr. Chris Mattison
[»»] Zhenya Lavut: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich
[»»] Dmitry Lazutkin: Tr. Vitaly Chernetsky
[»»] Valery Ledenev: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Olga Livshin: Original work
[»»] Anna Logvinova: Tr. Christopher Mattison
[»»] Gila Loran: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Stanislav Lvovsky: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Mara Malanova: Tr. Stephanie Sandler
[»»] Ksenya Marennikova: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Kiril Medvedev: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Tatyana Moseeva: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Valery Nugatov: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Oleg Pashchenko: Tr. Peter Golub and Sibelan Forrester
[»»] Alexandra Petrova: Tr. Stephanie Sandler
[»»] Andrei Polyakov: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Peter Popov: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Dmitri Prigov: Tr. Chris Mattison and Philip Metres
[»»] Evgenii Proshchin (Egor Kirsanov): Tr. Sibelan Forrester
[»»] Eugenia Ritz: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Andrei Rodionov: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich
[»»] Arseny Rovinsky: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Lev Rubinstein: Tr. Philip Metres
[»»] Anna Russ: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich
[»»] Boris Ryzhii: Tr. Tom Dolack
[»»] Sveta Sdvig: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Andrei Sen-Senkov: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich
[»»] Irina Shostakovskaya: Tr. Zachary Schomburg
[»»] Gleb Shulpyakov: Tr. Chris Mattison
[»»] Aleksandr Skidan: Tr. Genya Turovskaya and Natasha Randall
[»»] Maria Stepanova: Tr. Tatyana Golub and Rebecca Gould
[»»] Daria Sukhovei: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Fyodor Svarovsky: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Dmitry Tonkonogov: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Dmitry Vodennikov: Tr. Matvei Yankelevich, Peter Golub, and Tatyana Golub
[»»] Olga Zonberg: Tr. Peter Golub
[»»] Nikolai Zvyagintsev: Tr. Peter Golub and Matvei Yankelevich
[»»] List of Translators