Feature: A Tonalist poetry

105 printed pages, in Jacket 40

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What is A Tonalist? The short answer is that it is in some (uncomfortable) way related to lyric, retaining doubt about the possibility of engaging in and with that vexed genre … As you read these poems, you can watch as place is found, made, questioned, left and reasserted … There is also a lot of sex and a huge number of amazing verbs … (from Laura Moriarty’s Introduction)

[»»] Laura Moriarty: A Tonalist Where (and What) Art Thou?
[»»] Taylor Brady: Maps, Jokes and Heavy Armor
[»»] Julian T. Brolaski: Five poems
[»»] Norma Cole: from “More Facts” 
[»»] Brent Cunningham: A Note on the A Tonalist
[»»] Jean Daive: “A Woman with Several Lives,” Tr. Norma Cole
[»»] Ray DiPalma: Obloquium and Committer of Tidings: Seven poems
[»»] Dolores Dorantes: from “Dear Factory” translated by Jen Hofer
[»»] Patrick Durgin: Triptych: A Noir
[»»] E. Tracy Grinnell: from “Helen, A Fugue” 
[»»] Rob Halpern: Literal Hallucination
[»»] Jen Hofer: Resolved: 13 Sentences
[»»] Paul Foster Johnson: Seven poems: Bronx Safe Room / Reversible Destiny Panic Room / Palace of Youth / Underground World Home / Folk Education / Lapidary / Palace of Arts
[»»] Kathleen Miller: Codex Dora (a fragment of a Fragment)
[»»] Geraldine Monk: Decade Dance
[»»] Jocelyn Saidenberg: On Self Sovereignty:
[»»] Standard Schaefer: Feralist Manifesto
[»»] Michael Scharf: Two Poems: Sunday / What Did They Use to Cut Paper in Ancient Rome?
[»»] Jesse Seldess: from “Which Is Exhibited” 
[»»] Roberto Tejada: Lost Continent
[»»] Alli Warren: Three poems: All Matter of Beans / A Nice Quiet Moment for Mom (remix) / Some Greater Social Sharing
[»»] Tyrone Williams: TB
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