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Denise Levertov, 1923–1997: Photo by Jonathan Williams, 1957
Denise Levertov, 1923–1997: Photo by Jonathan Williams, 1957

Feature: Denise Levertov
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Also see: Robert J. Bertholf: From Robert Duncan’s Notebooks: On Denise Levertov, in Jacket 28
Also see: Robert J. Bertholf: The Robert Duncan / Denise Levertov Correspondence: Duncan’s View, in Jacket 28
Editor: Kevin Gallagher. From his Introduction:
Levertov had numerous careers as a poet, and each has made a lasting mark on a different poetry community. This collection has at least one discussion of each of these periods, except a discussion of her neo-Romantic British period. Here you can find memoirs and reflections on her work by friends, criticism by scholars and biographers who may have never known her, and tributes from afar.
Kevin Gallagher:Templum: Introduction to Denise Levertov Feature

Anne-Marie Cusac: Reading Levertov in Wartime
Anne Dewey: Gender Difference and the Construction of Social Space in Levertov’s Writing after the Duncan-Levertov Debate
John Felstiner: “that witnessing presence”: Life Illumined Around Denise Levertov
Sam Hamill: In Her Company: Denise Levertov
Donna Krolik Hollenberg: A Poet’s Revolution: The Life of Denise Levertov: An excerpt from Donna Krolik Hollenberg’s biography: from Part Two: Chapter Seven
Rachelle K. Lerner: Ecstasy of Attention: Denise Levertov and Kenneth Rexroth
Dick Lourie: Two poems
Mark Pawlak: Draft: From «Glover Circle Notebooks»
José Rodríguez Herrera: In Homage to Levertov: Translating Sands of the Well
Ron Silliman: Unerasing Early Levertov
Tino Villanueva: Poet in the World: A Tribute to Denise Levertov