Linda Russo

Poet and Jacket contributor

Linda Russo (from Jacket magazine)
Linda Russo (from Jacket magazine)

Linda Russo currently teaches at the Washington State University. She received her Ph.D. in English from the Poetics Program at the University at Buffalo (SUNY) and her M.F.A. from Emerson College. She has taught creative writing, literature, women's writing, and expository writing. She is a recipient of fellowships from the Ragdale Foundation and the Millay Colony for the Arts, and has given poetry readings in Toronto, Portugal and Cuba. Before coming to WSU, Russo directed Sounds Out, a reading series at the University of Oklahoma. Linda's current publication is «Mirth» from Chax Press, 30/01/2007 - 100 pages:  In MIRTH, New York native Linda Russo "...speaks for and to this 'girl cold' spacetime, in blazes and remedies, with mirth-scholarly and civic, this work divines"--Elizabeth Treadwell. "*Mirth* (read: not 'comedy' nor 'tragedy') is an exhausted Empire's post-urbanity exposed. How much can we afford to guard (or not guard), and how much should we gamble ourselves out to anyone's game on the street. Linda Russo doesn't so much 'experiment' as throw down a viable metrics for every act"--Rodrigo Toscano.

cover of Mirth, by Linda Russo

For many years she has written for Jacket magazine, mainly on issues relating to women and contemporary US poetry. Here are the items she has written, gathered, or compiled for Jacket, with links to each item.

Jacket 7 : Linda Russo: “to be Jack Spicer in a dream” here : Joanne Kyger and the San Francisco Renaissance, 1957-65

Jacket 11: Joanne Kyger Feature, edited by Linda Russo
Linda Russo: Introduction
Joanne Kyger — poem — “Man” from Man/Women
Kevin Killian — The “Carola Letters"
Charlie Vermont — “Form/id/able” and Joanne Kyger
Linda Russo — an interview with Joanne Kyger

Andrew Schelling on Joanne Kyger’s Portable Poetics
Stephen Vincent — The Work of Joanne Kyger
Dale Smith — an interview with Joanne Kyger
Joanne Kyger — poem — “Phillip Whalen’s Hat"
Dan Coffey — on Joanne Kyger’s Phenomenological
Jonathan Skinner — The Travel Poems
Anne Waldman — Introduction to Joanne Kyger’s Japan and India Journals
Joanne Kyger’s “Letter to Nemi April 10 1962” from The Japan and India Journals
Peter Orlofsky locks himself in the bathroom all night and smokes opium
and then vomits all the next morning so we travel slowly.

Also see Joanne Kyger’s Author Page at the Electronic Poetry Center at the State University of New York in Buffalo at for a selection her poems, a bibliography, and a selection writing on her work including essays by Alice Notley and Ron Silliman.

Jacket 18 at
Insider Histories, or, Really Getting Into Poetry: Linda Russo reviews (1) Career Moves: Olson, Creeley, Zukofsky, Berrigan, and the American Avant-Garde by Libbie Rifkin. Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 2000. ISBN 0-299-16844-1

(2) Leaving Lines of Gender: A Feminist Genealogy of Language Writing by Ann Vickery. Hanover: Wesleyan University Press, 2001. ISBN 0-8195-6432-x, no price given

This piece is 3,300 words or about seven printed pages long

Jacket 22 at
Linda Russo: Mostly Experimental: Recent Writings By and About
Contemporary Women Poets & Writers
(1) The Grand Permission: New Writings on Poetics and Motherhood, ed. Patricia Dienstfrey and Brenda Hillman. Wesleyan UP, 2003. ISBN 0 8195 6644 6
(2) American Women Poets in the 21st Century: Where Lyric Meets Language, ed. Claudia Rankine and Juliana Spahr. Wesleyan UP, 2002. ISBN 0 8195 6547 4
(3) We Who Love to Be Astonished: Experimental Women’s Writing and Performance Poetics, ed. Laura Hinton and Cynthia Hogue. Alabama UP, 2002. ISBN 0 8173 1095 9

By Herself: Women Reclaim Poetry, ed. Molly McQaude. Graywolf Press, 2000. ISBN 1 55597 297 7
This piece is 4,600 words or about ten printed pages long.

Jacket 28 at
Linda Russo: Eight poems

Jacket 32 — April 2007:
Jacket 32 at
Linda Russo reviews Terminal Humming by Lorraine Graham
Jacket 32 at
Linda Russo reviews Crop by Yedda Morrison
Jacket 32 at
Linda Russo reviews «Chantry» by Elizabeth Treadwell

Jacket 34 at
Linda Russo “Precious, rare and mundane”: Some Thoughts on the Work of Joanne Kyger. This piece is about 4 printed pages long.
It is copyright © Linda Russo and Jacket magazine 2007. This is Linda Russo’s Introduction to Joanne Kyger’s About Now — Collected Poems, which is available from Small Press Distribution.