Feature: Joe Brainard, 1942–1994

In Jacket 16

Joe Brainard image
Joe Brainard image

From Pressed Wafer:

Bill Corbett, Introduction
Anselm Berrigan, “I remember hearing Joe read”
Lee Ann Brown, “Joe Over Easy”
Tom Carey, “Joe B.”
Maxine Chernoff, “Sonnet: Some Things I Miss About Joe”
Tom Clark, “My Joe Brainards”
Elaine Equi, “A Freshly Painted Poem”
Paul Hoover, “Winter (Mirror)”
Nathan Kernan, “Premonition” 
Wayne Koestenbaum, “Two Little Elegies for Joe Brainard”
David Lehman, “For Joe Brainard”
Ange Mlinko, “Boston Flower Market”
Eileen Myles, “Worst Seat in the House”
Charles North, “Romantic Note 1”
Ron Padgett, “About S”
Jerome Sala, “I’m Glad I Don’t Understand the Writing of Joe Brainard”
David Trinidad, “9 Cigarettes”
Anne Waldman, “& color changed ...”

Other material:
Bill Berkson: Working with Joe
Kristin Prevallet: interviews Kenward Elmslie
Kristin Prevallet: Joe Brainard & Poetry

The complete supplement, containing pieces by thirty-six authors, was first published in Pressed Wafer annual, issue 2. This selection for Jacket magazine amounts to about a third of the original material, and was chosen by Jacket editor John Tranter. The editorial offices of Pressed Wafer are at 9 Columbus Square, Boston MS 02116, USA. Editorial Board: Daniel Bouchard, William Corbett, Joseph Torra. Guest Editors: Elaine Equi, David Trinidad. Jacket is grateful to the guest editors and the editorial board of Pressed Wafer and to the individual authors for permission to reprint here.