Jacket 21 feature: Edwin Denby, 1903-1983

Edited by Karlien van den Beukel

Edwin Denby in Venice
Edwin Denby in Venice

[»»] Rudy Burckhardt: ‘And then I met Edwin...’: Rudy Burckhardt talks to Simon Pettet
[»»] Yvonne Jacquette Burckhardt: Edwin Denby
[»»] Jacob Burckhardt: Martens Bar (with photo of Martens Bar and MP3 audio file of Edwin Denby reading ‘Disorder, mental, strikes, me; I’)
[»»] ‘The Cinema of Looking’: Rudy Burckhardt and Edwin Denby in conversation with Joe Giordano

Karlien van den Beukel

Photo: Karlein van den Beukel, Rotterdam, 2005, photo by John Tranter

[»»] Lynne Hjelmgaard: Ten poems
[»»] Vincent Katz: Poem: Edwin Sitting
[»»] Nicole Mauro: Ode: To Edwin Denby
[»»] Alice Notley: Intersections with Edwin's Lines
[»»] Simon Pettet: poem: ‘Fortunate proximity of lives...’
[»»] Noel Sheridan: Remembering Edwin Denby
[»»] Simon Smith and Ron Padgett: A conversation about Edwin Denby
[»»] Brian Kim Stefans: poem: A california submerged
[»»] Anne Waldman interviews Edwin Denby, 1981
[»»] Edwin Denby interviews artist Neil Welliver
[»»] Audio links: Edwin Denby reads five of his poems