Feature: Barbara Guest

In Jacket 36

Barbara Guest, Sermoneta, Italy, 1968
Barbara Guest, Sermoneta, Italy, 1968

[»»] Matthew Cooperman: Envy and Architecture: On Barbara Guest’s Realisms
[»»] Rachel Blau DuPlessis: ‘The other window is the lark’: on Barbara Guest
[»»] Ken Edwards: Pageant of creativity
[»»] Catherine Kasper: Barbara Guest’s Career: Defensive Rapture
[»»] Erica Kaufman: On “The Location of Things”

[»»] Will Montgomery: Sound Leads to Structure: Dissonant lyricism in Barbara Guest’s «Miniatures»
[»»] Elizabeth Robinson: Direction
[»»] Marjorie Welish: Spaced Intertext
[»»] Caroline Williamson: Working methods: painting, poetry and the difficulty of Barbara Guest
[»»] Lisa Donovan: Barbara Guest: Text as Ruin, Architected Negation, and the Gothic Structure
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This feature in Jacket 36 supplements Chicago Review’s Northern Summer 2008
[»»] feature on Barbara Guest.