Feature: Bob Perelman, edited by Kristen Gallagher

300 printed pages, in Jacket 39

Bob Perelman
Bob Perelman

I wanted to do this special feature for Jacket on the work of Bob Perelman because I noticed a dearth of writing available on the internet about his work. There is a fair amount written about Language Poetry in general, and more if you have access to the search engines JSTOR, Project Muse, etc., or if you know how to search recent dissertations. But even then, I was surprised to find fewer essays focusing on Perelman alone than I had hoped for.[...] So I decided to edit a collection, and a special issue of Jacket seemed the obvious choice. I knew their editors liked this kind of work and, rather than edit a book, I chose the format of easily accessed online materials to best serve the largest audience. Books take forever and not many people buy them anymore. I wanted people to have access to this as soon as possible and for free. — Kristen Gallagher, from her Introduction

[»»] Kristen Gallagher: Introduction
Bob Perelman: Biographical Note
 [»»] Rae Armantrout: Bob Perelman’s Grammatology
[»»] Charles Bernstein: The Importance of Being Bob
[»»] Louis Cabri: Poems
[»»] Al Filreis: The President of This Sentence: Bob Perelman’s History
[»»] Kristen Gallagher: Teaching Bob Perelman’s “The Story of My Life”
[»»] Alan Golding: “Time to translate modernism into a contemporary idiom”: Pedagogy, Poetics, and Bob Perelman’s Pound
[»»] Nada Gordon: To the Reader (On Bob Perelman’s «To the Reader»)
[»»] Rob Halpern: Restoring ‘China’
[»»] Lyn Hejinian: Dreaming Something Else
[»»] Andrew Klobucar: Bad Dreams: Sense as Censorship in Bob Perelman’s «The Future of Memory»
[»»] Michael Magee: ‘Nearer to us Than the Present’: Bob Perelman in the 90s, then and now
[»»] Nicole Markotić Three poems
[»»] Peter Middleton: After Marginalization
[»»] Kit Robinson: “Before Water,” After Years: Bob Perelman and the Turn to History
[»»] Joshua Schuster: For Bob Perelman: An Ordinary Day in the Philadelphia of the Mind
[»»] Tim Shaner: ‘My Summer with Bob’: A Paratactic Essay (in Co-production w/ Bob Perelman)
[»»] Susan Stewart: «Playing Bodies», a work in paintings and poetry by Francie Shaw and Bob Perelman
[»»] Chris Stroffolino: Fear Of Money…
[»»] Marjorie Welish: For Best Results, Try…
[»»] Bob Perelman in conversation with Chris Alexander: “Flat Motion”
[»»] Bob Perelman in conversation with Bruce Andrews: New York, September 10, 2009
[»»] Bob Perelman in conversation with Peter Nicholls
[»»] Francie Shaw and Bob Perelman in conversation with Kristen Gallagher and Chris Alexander