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Four poems by Heriberto Yépez translated by Nathaniel Tarn (redux)



An untoward alliance

of words.

A prosti-code of our time

(an era which is scarcely maternal).


An age pusillanimous or absurd


What would Homer have said

Jackson Mac Low: The poem I've been futzing around with for c. 16 days

[The following letter & poem are as found in our email correspondence from 2003.  The Naropii reference is to a question I had raised about using some of Jackson’s aleatory procedures in a workshop at Naropa’s Jack Kerouac school that coming summer, & the initials LP refer of course to Jackson’s Light Poems.  A small portion of the formatting has been modified or distorted in the transfer to blogger, but may be better viewed in the Jacket2 version. (J.R.)]

From: Jackson Mac Low

Pier Paolo Pasolini: Eight poems for Ninetto (1970–73)

Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ninetto Davoli
Pier Paolo Pasolini and Ninetto Davoli

Translation from Italian & Commentary by Peter Valente

[These poems are part of a sequence whose central focus is Pasolini’s love for the young actor Ninetto Davoli.  They are selected from the 112 works that exist in various states of draft and revision, most of them written during the filming of the “Canterbury Tales” in England and completed on Pasolini’s return to Italy. The last poem in the sequence is dated “February 1973.”]

Jerome Rothenberg: Three variations on Octavio Paz's 'Blanco'

For the 100th anniversary of Octavio Paz’s birth


1. white as the land looks | the vultures | white also | circle above | each one a soul | glows white | on horizon | or on page

2. the land is the land | it is white | thunderheads cover it | drumbeats | joining the land | & the sky

3. sky receptive to thunder | drumbeats to sky | white to colors | faces to eyes | sand turning white | like the sky