Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Jean Portante: What does and what doesn’t come to pass

Translation from French by Zoë Skoulding

From: Ce qui advient et ce qui n’advient pas


Je suis devenue immatérielle,
ombre qui se déplace dans la flamme
de la mort perpétuelle.
                                    Mario Luzi


Toward a poetry and poetics of the Americas (5): Víctor Terán, six poems from 'The Spines of Love'

Translation from Isthmus Zapotec by David Shook



The north wind whips through,

in the streets papers and leaves

are chased with resentment.

Houses moan,

dogs curl into balls.

There is something in the afternoon’s finger,

a catfish spine,

a rusty nail.

Four poems by Heriberto Yépez translated by Nathaniel Tarn (redux)



An untoward alliance

of words.

A prosti-code of our time

(an era which is scarcely maternal).


An age pusillanimous or absurd


What would Homer have said

Jackson Mac Low: The poem I've been futzing around with for c. 16 days

[The following letter & poem are as found in our email correspondence from 2003.  The Naropii reference is to a question I had raised about using some of Jackson’s aleatory procedures in a workshop at Naropa’s Jack Kerouac school that coming summer, & the initials LP refer of course to Jackson’s Light Poems.  A small portion of the formatting has been modified or distorted in the transfer to blogger, but may be better viewed in the Jacket2 version. (J.R.)]

From: Jackson Mac Low