Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Mario Santiago Papasquiaro: 'Already Far from the Road'

Translation from Spanish by Cole Heinowitz

                                                 To the memory of Infraín                                                       

                                                   Vibrations - whips
                                           1 sound comes from the shadow
                                                  quickly forms 1 sphere
                                                            1 farm
                                                            1 group
                                                          1 armada
                                                1 universe of Universe 

Diane Wakoski: Three new poems from a work in progress

Diane Wakoski and Jerome Rothenberg: A Joint Portrait
Diane Wakoski and Jerome Rothenberg: A Joint Portrait

Diane’s Personal Ghost Ranch

I imagine riding a ghost-stallion, my
hair in braids, pinned on top on my head,
just like it was when I was seven, and sitting on the
school bus, with yellow ribbon-bows on a comb,
tucked under the braids to make a little crown. 

I imagine that on the Ghost Ranch I
will meet the Bluemoon Cowboy,
his silver-toed boots, glinting
under my bed.  Read me a story.
Read me one with poetry.  Please. 

Rochelle Owens: 'Hermaphropoetics' / 'Blood'

Woodcut by Conrad Lycosthenes, 1557
Woodcut by Conrad Lycosthenes, 1557

[This is the third section of Rochelle Owens’ long work to appear on Poems and Poetics.  For previous sections see here and here.  This posting coincides with publication of her latest book, Out of Ur: New & Selected Poems 1961-2012 by Shearsman Books.]

Michael O’Driscoll: 'By the Numbers: Jackson Mac Low’s Light Poems and Algorithmic Digraphism'

[In advance of a projected publication of Jackson Mac Low’s The Light Poems (complete) by Chax Press with an introduction by Michael O’Driscoll, the following is an excerpt from O’Driscoll’s “By the Numbers: Jackson Mac Low's Light Poems and Algorithmic Digraphism” in Time in Time: Short Poems, Long Poems, and the Rhetoric of North American Avant-Gardism, 1963-2008. ed. J. Mark Smith (McGill-Queens University Press, Montreal, 2013).]

Jerome Rothenberg: From 'The Seven Hells of the Jigoku Zoshi,' poem & variation

[In the 1990s I composed a series of thirty-three “Lorca Variations,” systematically drawing vocabulary, principally nouns, from my previously published translation of Lorca’s early gathering of poems, The Suites.  I later made use of this method of composition for homages to Jackson Mac Low, Octavio Paz, & others as a step beyond translation but with an idea of translation – or what Haroldo de Campos called “transcreation” & I called “othering” – as one of the defining characteristics of poetry as a whole.  The obvious difference in t