On Cara Benson's 'made'

{experimental reflection}



Cara Benson

Book Thug 2010, 63 pages, $17.00 ISBN 978-1897388563

It occurs to me that god made the earth in six days with a kinetic force so unimaginable it knit streams of life together in somatic sentences that make too much sense to see in words. In an alternate version of the story of creation from the Kabbalah, sparks of light become language when they reach the earth after falling through space. What’s the connection between language and energy? Our regular, everyday language holds great potential for multiple meanings but is utilized mostly for description. However, when the full light of a word is ignited with other words that have the power to trigger its energy, rather than merely a fraction of its function, you get life, which is contained in discrete units, like books.

How time passes is a negotiation that most of us collectively accept. As (made) begins, Cara Benson announces markers in larger letters that approach the margins. Inside the book, she\’s made a mirror for the natural world, then uses sentences to speed it up so we can see it. Growth is then more apparent, the colors filling with light. She notices what occurs and how it finds its way into the book: “it’s resolve, plain and simple.” But the pace at which the book progresses then extends into the industrial on our timeline, “[h]ighways shared anonymously, fatally.” To be reading inside this, as a “vehicle consuming,” is to be in the present moment. The world makes its sharp stops on the page in staccato pictures.

“Sticky coins, shredded tissues, lots of lint, keys, paperclips, frayed grocery lists, probably buttons.”

In that order. 

“This is happening, sure as your bankcard.” 

Inside each sentence is a kinetic achievement

 like matter finally figuring out motion

 even though

 “the unpleasant and uncomfortable fact of matter.”


read books that make me think
about what’s on the page
and other things.
What that does to
who reads

Excuse my language but this poem seems to be copulating

 right in front of all of us, as if it were fun and not one

of the myriad disgusting fleshy and juicy activities

we choose to discard in the present moment. Instead,

do we go straight for the straight and narrow?


All language would do best to be incorporated as demonstrative of its fuller function, a reverse
You learned that words can be rented out like large rooms for conferences.

The act of forming a legal corporation; an association
of individuals, created by law, having an authority
to exist with power with distinct liabilities
from its members

any group of persons united in one body

(a book as an act of rebellion)