Perfect bound suckling (soma)tic reading enhancement

Rachel Glaser's 'Moods'



Rachel Glaser

Factory Hollow Press 2013, 72 pages, $15.00 ISBN 978-0979590542

Find a book at Flying Object you love, like Moods by Rachel Glaser. Slip it under your shirt and hold it in place while extending your belly, feeling for the poems to kick with a muffled laugh. Walk through the building singing lullabies, rubbing your book baby growing beneath the folds of your shirt-vagina. Give birth on the floor or couch, or privately in the bathroom. Be careful not to tear or bend its little cover or pages to prevent costly surgery and recovery. The hunger is immediate, just like little deer in nature documentaries, and while some still believe baby formula is the way to go, there is a movement to return to the nutrient-rich breast milk. Breastfeeding also cuts down on wasteful bottles and packaging; in short, breastfeeding your book can secure a sound future in multiple ways. 

Taking notes for your poem, open the baby’s belly and read its organs aloud, for instance in opening Moods, “Our Husband arrives to little applause / his handsomeness is wasted / he bikes uselessly towards us in the rain.” Studies show that reading babies to themselves is more beneficial than teaching them to anoint pets or spear fish. The spine the book rests on will remain decades after we have been ravaged by the crud and stench of the soil.