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Pafunda's 'Natural History Rape Museum'

Natural History Rape Museum

Natural History Rape Museum

Danielle Pafunda

Bloof Books 2013, 80 pages, $15.00 ISBN 978-0982658758

(Italics are Pafunda’s)

Here is the tug of it, the long sweep down: You get this from binary systems agreed upon
before you
arrived. Where is
your rage?

If you have
brought it, if you
can carry it: Then proceed.

Close down your ears: she says
things, things we can’t hold.
Do you have your rage?  This room is a housing. Here is a “vagina.” She takes it up and here “fuckwad,” you can hold it. It’s soft. Here the flap reads: My dear, my doughy dewy doe-eyed dimple, / you mustn’t attempt to think while you sphinx.

Do you see a kindling? Why did you come here except to gawk? Look above you, a halo / to still your rove mag eye. Taken won’t you? / With his obliging fig paw?

Room of Disturbing Installations:
Mount her atop. From her mouth drips the pull-chain. Pull it, and out pops the wolf’s
head, bare in some spots, mange-ridden, rid of teeth, one eye vacant and the other eye

Keep together, the next room horrors, do you horror?
You can look away. It won’t change anything. Do you want to change anything? It would
mean you can hear what this means: What part of her body is the instigator willing to

Let’s perform her. Let us install. Let us view the corpus.

            They used to exist. These things. We destroyed them. Here you can view them.
                                                        Rape Museum: Here’s her wrapper, a plastic casket. / A
blue box zoned, its scab handles wagging.

Video Installation: 3–6 minutes, 35mm film. Endless loop. Pornography is the medium by which we excavate girls. Here this holds them for viewing. Everything you need to know is here: The darling punishment. A graph grown boot knife / in the back of the neck. In the sorry cleft. A boot / in the neck, a blue-fisted kisser. A weft slug, a slit / knit kills prone. The punishment was well deserved.

Here is what you should repeat to yourself when viewing: She seems to be enjoying it. She seems to be asking for the punishment. Therefore nothing is wrong. Pay no heed to any other thoughts you may have. Repetitive viewing will help your condition.

I relic pain, I treat my skullcap, and fan out my beard.

Imagine the goodness of the good girl. A work of art.

Exit strategy:

fantasy is believing. believing a word. holds the world. holds the word, a world wrought here. in a dual system where one is favored, the other disassembles, dissolves. call her whatever you want. His files are on display in the Natural History Rape Museum. none of this is to say. there is so much rape that the displays rotate. come again. there is so much rape, everyone is doing it. amateur and professional. movements and revolutions of rape. there is so much rape. come again. the installations change. there is rape in the basement where no one is allowed. we will bring it up for viewing. come again. this history is never ending. the show runs forever. comeagain.