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Three Previously Unpublished Letters from Antonin Artaud to Colette Thomas

Henri Thomas, the young novelist who had been corresponding with Artaud about an article he was writing on The Theater and its Double, came to visit Artaud at Rodez on March 10, 1946, and brought his young wife, Colette Thomas, who was an aspiring actress. She was only 23 years old when she met Artaud and her marriage was falling apart at the time. For Artaud she seemed to represent a life of new possibilities and freedom. Soon she became one of his “daughters of the heart,” and occupied, for a time, a central position in Artaud’s fantasy world. They often wrote letters to each other during this time and Colette incorporated fragments from these letters in her one book, The Testament of the Dead Daughter, published in 1954.

 Translated with a note by Peter Valente




Hiromi Ito's transcreation of 'The Heart Sutra'

Translated from Japanese by Jeffrey Angles


While looking freely and without effort at the world

While walking with people, searching for the path

In his spiritual quest to discern based on deep wisdom

Avalokiteshvara arrived at a certain thought.

Outside-in / Inside-out schedule

The following is the schedule for the major festival of “outside & subterranean poetry,” which takes as its point of departure Barbaric Vast & Wild, the anthology/assemblage co-edited by Jerome Rothenberg & John Bloomberg-Rissman.  The still larger Outside-in / Inside-out festival, as announced, will take place at venues across the City of Glasgow from September to November 2016.


Jerome Rothenberg: Pound, Yip, & Chinese Poetry in America

[From a lecture, August 2002, for the Chinese Comparative Literature Association meetings in Nanjing. Recovered 2016 as an introduction to a new book of Wai-lim Yip’s “poetry in English,” scheduled for publication next year in Hong Kong.