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Seymour Faust: Two Poems Recovered & an Added Fragment (Redux)

[Originally posted June 8, 2009 on the blogger version of Poems and Poetics]

In a conversation the other day with David Antin, the name of Seymour Faust came up, as it often does for us.  In the distant days when we were all students at City College in New York, Faust was among our few poet companions – a friendship & close association that lasted till some time around 1960, when he & I broke off for personal reasons that now seem trivial in retrospect.  He was certainly present at the time that Antin and I founded Hawk’s Well Press in 1958 & published his Lonely Quarry as the first of a small number of books that I was to continue to

Eye of Witness: Publication & Announcement

Monday (September 16) is the actual publication date for Eye of Witness: A Jerome Rothenberg Reader, co-edited with Heriberto Yépez & published by Black Widow Press in Boston.  The design of the book follows the layout of my anthologies such as Poems for the MillenniumTechnicians of the Sacred, which makes it different in format from other “readers” & a way of treating the range of works (poetry, prose, performance, plays, poetics, visual, verbal, & vocal, translations & variations) that I’ve been into over the last fifty years, e

Ariel Resnikoff: Louis Zukofsky and Mikhl Likht, A Test of Jewish American Modernist Poetics, Part One

With special reference to Zukofsky’s “Poem Beginning ‘The”’ and Likht’s “Protsesiye dray” [Procession Three]

Left, Louis Zukofsky c. 1940; Right, Mikhl Likht, c. 1936
Left, Louis Zukofsky c. 1940; Right, Mikhl Likht, c. 1936

[EDITOR'S NOTE.  To say again what I’ve been driving at in previous postings, the attempt here is to bring into the open a remarkable Yiddish-American poet whose master work, Processions, accompanies & may even prefigure the long-poem experiments of English language masters like Pound, Williams, & Zukofsky, with all of whom he was in contact.  If so that might in itself suggest a rethinking of experimental American modernism & open the possibility of a multilingual history of twentieth-century American poetry.  The groundwork here has been initiated by Ar

Jerome Rothenberg, from Eye of Witness: “Toward an Omnipoetics” (excerpted from The Medusa Interview)

in dialogue with Rodrigo Garcia Lopes

 from J.R., The Leonardo Project
from J.R., The Leonardo Project

circa 1999, revised 2012

[This is the final prose piece in Eye of Witness: A Jerome Rothenberg Reader, which brings together aspects of my work in a range of forms & genres (poetry, prose, performance, plays, poetics, visual, verbal, & vocal).  Co-edited with Heriberto Yépez & published in early September by Joe Phillips & Black Widow Press. (J.R.)]

Mikhl Likht: from Procession Three

for Yankev Beri

Translation from Yiddish by Merle Bachman