Poem by Amang

"On/Off: Selected Poems of Amang."

Love is Ever So Lovely

She is loath to but still she comes
down the ladder saying

Saying this pleases her lips
and other lips are pleased as well,
smoothing the progress of a
a bit of wire deftly wormed into a
small but lively keyhole. Which in turn leaves the door ajar

for a break in

0 becomes ∞, and even though there’s still a distance
even though she’s not yet fully willing, still
she uses it to hollow out a hole, to lay, as it were, a land-

Doing this she pleases her hands
and other hands are grateful
which thus enables an
doubled pairs of coupling serpents coiling up
as if to bathe in the air

Sharing this bath, they blow a 0 into ∞
and so
their capacity to bear this

so pleasing to the eye

— translated by Steve Bradbury



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