How in the wander: a held note

Story of O: they say it turned

Wander into that articulation: resonance

Say the times in which we are making: now

Reading the lines that enter heads: about other bodies

The time is out of joint: you’ve heard this before

Who, what was this?: note resonating body

And so the articulation: if entering through the gut

Do you have my: in that telling, shaking

The shell of an ear: resonance in the intestines

She is saying it: hearing in the wander

What it is: the time circulating back

And the time: present in the limbs, mouth

How is it: we are in a making

A hearing in a telling: you are turning

A swirl or entry: making the lines

The bodies lined in: head, head

They in you, what is it who: a shaking

The time, held notes: a snare, limbs, in shells

Do you have water?: O in the making

Head lines, drowning in, articulation: shells, shells

Wandering in a resonance: these times

Circulating note held in the wander: heads

Are they turned? This is what it: is