Intimacy Lesson I

Materials: two people clothed in black fitted clothing, no socks, no shoes, hair

must be short or pulled back, a white wall


1. Person A: stand one foot from a white wall, perpendicular to the wall, with
the left side of the body closest to the wall.


2. Person B: stand one foot from the white wall mentioned in Step One, facing Person A, with the right side of the body closest to the wall, placing the toes three inches away from those of Person A.


3. Person A and Person B: stand straight, face-to-face, make eye contact.


4. This space must be maintained throughout the exercise.


5. Person A: lean forward.


6. Person B: lean back maintaining aforementioned space.


7. Person A: lean back.


8. Person B: lean forward maintaining aforementioned space.


9. Continue.