The General

Later in secret

Later in secret the general

Bends to remove something

To lean against a fresco.

The rules which run

Around the walls

The walls of court

Determine a course,

Declare if he had not:


Sulphur and pitch, sulphur and lead, sulphur and

gum mastic, sulphur and varnish, mixed with the

husks of pine-kernels, sawdust, isinglass, shells

of snails, husks of beans, and seed of myrtle.


From here any direction is shown.

The woods must be razed — resumption of growth

The market growing, profusion, the question

To hold — to hold

Parts or acts in the act of disintegrating wholly.

A sign over the hull — the evening

In a complex of other evenings

Behind the intervening ledge, the general.