Complete Music of Webern (A Movie)

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             the main thing wrong with painting

is that it is a rectangular plane placed flat against the wall. A



                 side one: 9 min., 56 sec.  A side is

                  either of two surfaces of a thing.  One is more

a boy


            “first avenue goes uptown”  “first avenue

                   is the alphabet horizontal or vertical? should it go


      2 min., 28 sec.

            4 min.                                                      sunny  The sun’s out.  It’s a sunny day

even though it’s 93 million miles away from us.  You better


                       7 min., 50 sec.


            a young girl.  She says “I

think I have reached the Impossibility of sufficient visual memory to

transfer from one like object to another the


               side two: 9 min., 33 sec.  Two is a

quantity less than three and more than one.  A circle

                 a girl reading a book.  She’s blonde.


                 “second avenue goes downtown”  “You

                      9 min., 32 sec.

can only drive south on it but if you’re walking you can also go

                 an old woman with a cane and shopping bag.  Maybe

she limps.  What’s in the


                it’s snowing. We’ve had nine inches. It’s the wet kind.

              would you like to sleep with

me OR: don you want a cup of coffee OR: let’s fuck OR: four minutes to go

            4 min., 12 sec.                                     screens are usually rectangles.  A

screen acts as a mind or is it a mind that acts as a


1 min., 45 sec                                    one Chinese man and two Chinese boys speaking

Chinese.  China is a country in eastern






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                  side three: 3 min., 37 sec.  It’s page

             two, line 58.  So far the screen is

             thirteen inches long.

            4 min., 5 sec.


       2 min., 2 sec.

            4 min., 15 sec.

                              partly cloudy partly cloudy partly cloudly partly

       cloudy partly cloudy partly cloudy partly cloudy partly cloudy

                  5 min., 32 sec.


            an old man with a manila envelope under his

                      7 min., 28 sec.

arm says “yeah all the way down”


      below 24th st.

            side four: 4 min., 42 sec.

                 third avenue goes up and downtown,

                but above 24th st., it goes uptown only.  Further downtown it becomes

                                                                                  the Bowery.

    2 min., 40 sec.

      2 min., 12 sec.

          3 min., 19 sec.

                a woman with two shopping bags

1 min., 52 sec                                                      says “I gave him a slip marked ‘five

                       8 min., 16 sec.                         red apples’.  He said “but what does

                     five mean?”


                 side five: 8 min., 50 sec.  He says the

                 series of cardinal numbers — he knows

            them by heart — one,


            Water! Away! Ow! Help! Fine!

            No! You! Oh! Get up! I’m stuck! Keep out! Look!

             Meaning it! Table! Now I know! Get it?

               5 min.






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                   6 min.


                 a young girl.  There’s the

    blonde, the  one  with  the  books  and  this  one — a dark haired girl with

            white stockings.  She looks

                 out the window.

                 side six: 5 min., 56 sec., the time

              for the first selection, somewhat lively, then very slow

              then very rapid.

              a fat woman with one bag

              three min., 18 sec.    That’s great!

            Once and once more! The heart’s, the eye’s and

            the sweetness of love is.


                       five min., 10 sec.  p.3.                     the fat woman and the man with the

                 manila envelope get off.  He gets off first.  She

         gets off second.


              five min., 10 sec., very fast.

            meaning it is not a process.  What are the conse-

             quences? Now I know!


               side seven: it’s lengthening out now,

            the minutes are becoming hours, and

all the hours are longer than before.


                 it’s warm but the sun’s behind a grey cloud

                 seven minutes, forty seconds.  One one

             thousand two two thousand moderately

             three three thousand comfortably

                 four thousand flowing rapidly.

    Chinese man and                     one Chinese boy get off.  They leave the other

    Chinese boy sitting on the bus.


            six minutes, forty-one seconds.  Born in

            don’t do it now!                                               Vienna, December 3rd, 1883, Webern

               was descended from an ancient

                      family of landowners.

                the lady with two bags puts on her

                            gloves and scratches her leg.  The young girl asks her a







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                   five minutes, 40 seconds.  You hear?

                   fourth avenue ends at 14th st.


                  the next words you hear are

       Chinese.  Are you still inclined to call these words “the names of

              some objects”?

              side eight, page four.  The girl asks

           the bus driver a question.  It takes

           time.  What time is it?


       Can you see?

            ten minutes, thirty seconds.  He

                gives her a transfer.  The Chinese boy looks at a piece of

            paper.  It might

            have some value


            have some value.  “I can’t understand what’s happening


               seven minutes, twenty seconds.  The

                   girl with the books and the lady with the cane get off.

                  See you!

             to the weather, it’s so changeable.

                   One day it’s sunny and the next minute the

                            whole thing’s completely

        different again.”


                 fifth avenue goes downtown.  In winter

            eleven minutes, 38 sec. till the boy gets off.  He’s been going

                      in the wrong direction or at least that’s what it looks







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              going by the name of Anton Webern,

            Mittersill, Austria, please stay inside.  The

                other two girls get off the bus.



               sixth avenue goes uptown, and so on.

          “Concepts lead us to make investigations.  It’s warmer today than

                   yesterday was.”






                power.  That gets rid of a lot of problems.

          Both are matters of fact.  The one Chinese


          boy and



                the woman with two bags get off.

               I get off now too.  Here are a few reminders: “Look at