Delany in the Rhizome

and that
 the reticulated
        would be kind embryology
held for students
& students would be ubiquitous for they would be aloft
for him
in him as lexicon
he betters all essential students
          & they don’t fray
not withstanding o craft the unbearable
o craft, will the world get better?
curious and listen, the voices
inside the character what do they want
violence surrounds, and endarkening & he stays
steady he does and o he stays all the more energetically
plays the ear, complex he says, listen
& your sentence? again?
“we have these peculiar weathers”
at the table, students, a cult circle and
feed on not tainted who hibernate in
devices he suggests provoke
& the student will be off on tangent sentence
             dear life?
& man in his narrative will reveal
his fear or never do this
and alight like redemption
there is a stairwell
there is a dark theatre
for it his ethos, student, is liberation
can’t say enough stay enough play enough its
taut library inside liberation
spectators of revolutions know
then precipitate participation
& who watched was transformed
in the magical city
was among those
was there another digression come back
in or out landscape perfect logic of it
student another dimension may you know student
come inside this revolution
enchanted by beauty, sez Genet
the white of the paper artifice
of that writing
“may all possess more reality than the signs that mar them”
strike the page will not hurt but ear strike strike
I will visit other room and worlds
deposit a trace in my body with your homesick blues
student strike it now or you die
no considered option here in this opinion of “takes”
but daylight provenance
when do you write and where? maybe why
previous page a posthumous sentence
or dimensions converge
much city too and could say “Mu,” a city
on “Irreparable” (planet we said of Robin Blaser)
& of memory, a twist
fantasy & ’istorin get spoken
get up the crux of our story
web it
better put the talons on
as if in a basement house straight up
into the quatumsphere
where queer might go
draft an impossibility of dialogue encounter
intervention versus interrogation
staying point
not no impossibility, student
student the lore of it and student
had written once New York City
trauma, desire, desire inaugurate the page
& do that for student & others in their cities
you will be springboard
but if you never read books you will be nowhere
you will have to stay writing  a tour life
as I, Chip, tell you this
no no don’t want that
and not reduce passion
would travel in such a way it never happenstance
any reduction to the cut-up
impulse to give the character his way
hidden secret pleasure
connected did it with student complexity
gives giving give most powerful un- psychic pain
intimacy include the mind inflicts would be the velvet
you would not be an “I” he said, never working, that
you tell students
that would not be a prose as purpose
convenient with resistance?
dreamed the orchid
will be my dhalgren
directions encapsulated
         repeat this working through mind-whack
for students would marvel
            at memory a history at memory’s pace where you lose “self”
would walk
he is walking by
that is the rhythm and a cane
spunk and higher voices raise higher
spirit that is unsettled world
in a world student would write upon
could better be watch what I do
follow me but yourself this path reassuring
body is a work
border a tie of sympathy
how, they ask your thousands of pages?
most human teacher “on a roll”
never broken that we know nothing
patience with us, your students
but delight with you
& in  lovely duo-figurement is the dreamer
eros a medley
may he be that ever in us
eros a medley
outsider no words were his but his & spiders
no utterance emits where he speaks but his
spectacle he leaves glowing speaking
that text off page from the stage soaring reading
and expressed, that you know bottom nature
this person in that story in the valley
most precious belong the myriad directions

The Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics

Summer Writing Program 2013