Jeffrey Robinson

On 'The Big Book of Homelessness'

People who have experienced homelessness have collaborated to make a medieval-style illuminated manuscript, based upon The Book of Hours, describing their daily lives. 


Rochelle Owens

'Patterns of Animus,' Part Three, 'The Ludwig Skulls'

[A continuation from earlier postings on Poems and Poetics of Rochelle Owens’s new masterwork, Patterns of Animus. (J.R.)]


In 1863 Beethoven’s body was exhumed for autopsy, the head

removed and the skull studied for medical research.

Radical reclamations

Queer feminist collaborative acts by Sophie Seita and Naomi Woo

Photos courtesy of Sophie Seita.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the word “reclamation” in the past few days.  

Hilton Als on Gertrude Stein & Wallace Stevens

During a recent one-hour interview/conversation with Hilton Als conducted by me, I had occasion to ask Hilton about a reference to Gertrude Stein in one of his essays. Here is a 4-minute excerpt from the video recording of the discussion. In another essay, collected in White Girls, Hilton does a close reading, here and there, of Wallace Stevens's poem about the muse, "So-and-So Reclining on Her Couch." I asked him about Stevens, too, and that excerpt is presented below as well.  The discussion was a program hosted by the Kelly Writers House for the annual Kelly Writers House Fellows program. Hilton Als was the second of the three spring 2021 Fellows to engage with the Writers House community, and many others, in three sessions. This was the third of those events.

Russell Atkins on PennSound

World'd Too Much: The Selected Poetry of Russell Atkins, edited by Kevin Prufer and Robert E. McDonough, was published by the Cleveland State University Poetry Center. Foreword by Janice Lowe. 

Russell Arkins reading "Night and a Distant Church," "Train Yard at Night," and "It's Here in The" for TV 20 Cleveland, c. 2017:.Click on photo for video file: