Jerome Rothenberg

Poems and poetics

Diane Rothenberg: Corn soup & fry bread, a reminiscence

Early this October Diane Rothenberg and I had the chance, too long delayed, to revisit the Allegany Seneca Reservation in upstate New York, where we had spent two years (and many visits besides) in the late 1960s & early 1970s.  In the interim, our dearest & closest Seneca friends — most older than us, some younger — had “passed,” as the expression goes, and the couple of returns we attempted brought a repeated sense of emptiness & loss.

Clayton Eshleman: From 'Penetralia' (forthcoming): 'Orphic Ontologies'

for Matthew Eshleman

Are you, Muse, the spume off Laussel, archaic
dust dimpled & savory that I nourish to steel myself
the Selfhood that lays claim to all rapture?
Is your fertility still based in the blood-filled bison horn
Laussel grasps in her right hand raised slightly below her

Might the egg-shaped relief of a double figure near


Mikhl Likht: 'Processions V'

Translation from Yiddish by Ariel Resnikoff & Stephen Ross