The Twelve Days of Trump-Pence

With lines by Janet Housden, Jaime Borschuk, Maxine Chernoff, Dorothy Moskowitz

Falarski, and Chris Stroffolino


On the first/second/third/fourth/fifth/sixth/seventh/eighth/ninth/tenth/eleventh/twelfth day

of Trump-Pence the alt-right gave to me

twelve Russians hacking,

eleven glaciers melting,

ten tiny fingers,

nine judges kneeling,

eight maids a-weeping,

seven Klan leaders,

six oligarchs,

five rabid tweets,

four falling bombs,

three henchmen,

too many lies


[vary as desired]

and a crock full of trumpery.

and an orange Mussolini.

and a post-truth reality.

and a gaudy flamboyancy.

and a lack of climatology.

and a kakistocracy.

and a bad case of patriarchy.

and an unwanted pregnancy.

and a brazen kleptocracy.

and the codes for starting WWIII.

and a cartridge for an M3.