If Trump were a poem what form would he take? For instance, when I think

of Obama, I think of the sonnet — controlled, passionate and, like all good poetry,

revelatory. The limerick comes to mind re Trump but that’s probably too easy and obvious.

If a form doesn’t exist, perhaps he calls for a new form. What would it look like? What

would we call it?

Am also thinking of how poetry may help in trying to understand what we’re all facing

regarding the impending inauguration of Trump. For instance, what happens when the

content of the poem overwhelms (cannibalizes perhaps?) the form, which itself can be

considered an integral aspect of the content? Am thinking of the office of President as the

external and pre-established form, like a haiku, and wondering what happens when the form

cannot contain the poem, when, in fact, the poem seems intent on consuming the form.

What strategies do we, as poets, employ (implore?) to bring the poem “under control”?

Should we?

As I said, ruminations …