Room 45

To crack each of your doll faces

suck the sawdust out and chew into it real spit

is the madness of creation

the eye of a god

its eye rolls back in its god head then forward again to sight anyone at anytime

that was your mother sucked empty by what seemed to be only sunlight

crazy forever after

shed your clothes your skin right here on the BART car’s floor

do it right now in front of everyone and start your shape all over again

hold your two eyes in your hand hold them out the way the man is doing

with his upturned cap

he doesn’t even ask but everyone knows everything about what he needs

even the last afternoon shadows are pressing into each other to get out of his way

as he walks the length of the car

at the bottom of stairs that you aren’t even trying to reach

is a windowless room doing all of your watching for you

watching with all its walls what you can’t see