From 'No To Both Ideas'

It’s a Post-adolescent apocalyptic conflict

     about masculinity

Using license to kill to tell a story

     of colonialism

The fast forward version of the Process

     of collapse

A thermogenic epitaph at Consumer

     Syntax, addicted to dramatic system rescuers

Consider plot Gains with the dull dawn

     on wage receipt


A freakazoid display of shockingly

     deranged conniptions and Over the top

gummy bears edge dis-information. Withal

     the Vesting of an ineligible idiocy

designated to be president. I am

     talking distortions, lies, their utter lack

of credibility being freely redistributed

     on a day-to-day basis

accruing Contemptible misogyny and alleged

     solicitude dysfunction (zero cred)


Just to be clear: Flesh is my interim theory

     Full disclosure: I had to limit

the number of people who had write permission

     on my retina

The spikes retract on certain terms

     Key type commands carved in Prevarication

Their truculent chorale blasted with slime
              sliding onto our Free-love biosphere

Objects outlast us.
              I think he likes wrong things.