Focus poem for direct action

Remember the world that makes you.

I will remember the world that makes me.

I will not be chosen. I will choose.

I’ll keep my wits about me, like a flock of starlings.

Starlings are real birds, real people.

They choose, too. Do not forsake me.

I will not forsake you.

The starlings came over. They’re here now.

They fill a place. They make a crowd.

They can teach me, though we’re different people.

I will be part of a crowd moved by the world.

I will lose my way. My way will change

toward what I learn. My way will change me.

Remember to let it change you.

The world and I will wheel and turn.

We inhabit the air together.

And later we lie on the ground, all world.

Remember to dwell in this with me.

I will remember to dwell in this with you.