Cia Rinne

If there is one concern in my work, it is to reduce the form to the minimum necessary in order to visualize a thought or idea. Tomas Schmit put it like this: “What you can say with a sculpture you do not need to build as architecture, what you can do with a drawing you do not need to search in image, and what you can clear up on a piece of paper does not need to become a huge drawing; and what you can make up in your mind does not even need any piece of paper.”[1] This is something I can definitely relate to. In general, I try to keep a certain simplicity or minimalism both in writing and in visual expression, as well as in realizing the final object. This minimizing of means is also intended as a countermovement against today’s massive flood of information and waste of material; my ideal would probably be a continual reduction towards almost nothing. — Cia Rinne

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1. Martin Glaser and René Block, “Die Wiesbaden Trilogie – Fluxus und die Folgen,” in 40 Jahre: Fluxus und die Folgen (Spangenberg: 2002). Excerpt translated from the German by Cia Rinne.