'The Book Of Revelations': A searchable transcript

Note on the text: Page numbers and section breaks in this searchable Word transcript have been editorially imposed. The three sections are determined by changes in Barbara Rosenthal’s tearing/slicing/knife-cutting patterns. In unpublished correspondence, Rosenthal identifies the points in Weiner’s text where the pattern and/or tool alters. To create section 1 (from “forthcoming and absolutely” to “no one can eliminate a particle”), Rosenthal placed a steel straightedge on the page in sequenced parallels and grasped at the paper in the lower corner with her right hand, bearing down on the steel with her left and pulling upward to form straight rips with a slightly textured edge; to create section 2 (from “read more about it in the papers” to “absence of time between 5 and 7”), she used an X-Acto #2 fine point blade to slice concentric or nested angles or rectangles; and to create the final section, she used a combination of these techniques: the pages from “renunciation and something else” to “she writes not me like this,” here simply labeled “Section 3,” were created with the straightedge, and the pages from “the insatiable quotient quote” to “love come to a,” here labeled “Section 3a,” were created with an X-Acto knife.

Note on the title: The unconventional capitalization of the word “Of” in Hannah Weiner’s The Book Of Revelation has been retained here. Although we cannot be certain that the capitalization is intentional, Weiner did type the title on the white label she then affixed to the notebook’s cover. The tension between the typed, all-caps title and the handwritten pages in which a capital rarely appears is provocative.

Diplomatic transcript of The Book Of Revelations
The Landscape of Hannah Weiner's Late Work
Notes on This Edition

1: Misspelled and alternative spelled words
2: Neologisms
3: Part-words and uncertain transcriptions
4: Proper names
5: Literary allusions



Microsoft Word Transcript of "The Book Of Revelations"


The Book Of Revelations


[Inside cover]

Dear Hannah,
Happy New Year!
Love, 1989


[Section 1]


forthcoming and absolutely


important only to those


sunshine is almost


something else that isn’t


a cross between a fox
and a bear
mere sensationalism since


underneath it all shone
indelicacy is a noble assignment
speak so no one will listen


whatever made you say
something else could happen here


subsequent to this
nevertheless we have our beliefs
dont ignore the garbage
never forget that you are identified


passages are infinite
so is this vacation
probably not too much
forgotten disciplines
remember everything
have you learned
substantive arrogance


somewhere else lies a secret
not everything is known
a person is indifferent
so many lies tell stories
satisfaction is important
nevertheless we can obliterate
constancy is a terrible problem


pretenses are seldom unalterable
patience is fortune’s caretaker
seldom has heredity struck
the ultimate importance of ingénue
the incapacity to make sense
everlasting pine trees on a calm day
suddenly everything went blue
however I cant decide anymore
everything equal comes to an end
speculation is a joint venture


alternatives are fashionable
general intelligence isn’t a mistake
special references can be made
I am always indolent in a
late day craziness is almost
terrified of all consequences
carefully we cross inbetween
idealism is an opportunity
cant you concentrate on getting anything at all


influences are opportunities
subsequent to examination
alienation is a cause
inevitable has a certain strain
opportunities are unanimous
falsification is a ritual
untidiness breeds habits
beneficial to the unemployed
alternating waves of fluency
in a trap just like the others
personalities are not permitted here


we are not concerned about
in places the rainfall is very wet
Indications point to the left
in a very important circumstance I cry
all life cannot be imported
fraudulent use of time
make believe wisdom
I cant feel the power anymore
songs may at last be inherited
too many people tell me it is impossible


fortunately there are circumstances
absence is always luminous
forget everything I ever said
some containers are inflamable
just discuss it quietly
dawn is inconsequential
everyone cant believe
unlikely to happen
please dont admit


please give up all consideration
thoroughness is a consequence
waiting too long for it to happen
so many people have a long way
temptations go wild at last
inevitability recurrance
constantly without the
imagination justifies
cross reference impulses
uninhabitable now
upside down
too loose


without impulses to grow on
plenty of time to experiment
happily the results complain
indecisions are the fruit of delicacy
she cant stand the consequences
undeniably a certain strain
positive forces are the equivalent
infectious without pretension
remote unless prohibited
also unclear to many
something has to help
without prejudice
trying it on hard
very intermediate
softly once
cant do it


consequences are unjustified
temperature rises above normal
whenever clouds interfere twice
informality brings us green
temptation to become valid
progress is a mistake below
conflicts arise from indifference
sensations apply to a rose
coming inbetween us again
alienation is a round a bout form
consider the opposite happening
take care that you dont go too often
a close decision was down
semi-attached to a fit
unlikely to succeed
beginning again also
forwith permitted to
unconscious over
signals confuse
careful to


indefinite resolution to forget
tomorrow incapable of substance
fortune tellers infinitely
without any independence
autonomy is an experience
behaviour is uptown
sensations intimate
varieties of wild
more of a show
sensless of


obliterations are enjoyable
removal of all objects required
limitations are interfearing late
fortunately irrelevancies decline
insensible to collusion with
pressures are inconsolable
acquisitions are unforgivable
nerveless throughout
a horror of pretense
an honor of patience
endurance prohibited
the golden aura
fools believe


the late irreducible formality
brilliantly without a system
cancel every reminder of it
consideration is absent from form
overlooking a view of insanity
melody informant of cue
overturned in return by a charm
the fallacy of quaint ideas
forgetting the better blind
almost hysterically above
unanimously undone
recurrently simple
inaccurate and so
very capabable
to be too soon


bonded to a neutrality calm
notwithstanding the elegance
symetry has been condoned once
over controlled without simple
undeniably an appetite inactive
forcefully to come to conclusion
the unwavering fondness of sea
solely to perform one instant
aggravated by constant cure
only a moth can perceive it
integrated storms rise
forget the irreconcilable
not too many ways to
listen unconsolably
everything is able
inconsistency for
the measure of
useless words
remodel fast
drop it now


endurance is a respectable sin
from one time to another we
consequently there is medium
obliterate obsessions locally
forget every device for learning
inevitable results linger on
the space is almost required
a burst of infiltration defined
nevertheless I was inconsolable
tragedies occur up side down
guess what happens next
underneath it all it all
sometimes theres a play
indifference coincides
an idea begins to show
purity is a question
definitely poor
without surprise


pretenses are unalterable
the sequence is obnoxious
many have left here
pain is not to be considered
almost again we have
with us without complaint
society has made a definite
giving up requires failure
too many aspects of this
formidable without restraint
anti-capitalism comes first
no more required dociers
once more we sing bridges
overcome with immaculate
the terror is something small
all experience is expendable


to decide limits your future
changes cannot be made twice
sensations become harmony
unalterable facts withheld
too many silent watchers
give up the end of the sentence
withholding information slowly
its only another idea to do
uninhabitable in three generations
permanence is restrictive
falling down in a blue suit
contrasts make a definition
unacustomed to a reality
before we begin upside
temporarily without repetition
a nominal form of being
concrete reluctant to form
informal geraniums {blow}
happiness is also a habit


formidable and softly
more coming than we thought
somehow we give up early
nobody understands the instant
a rejection that interferes only
anywhere else would have been
privacy is not allowed anymore
consideration for an ability
consolation is without enterprise
certainty projects desirability
inevitability of propulsion
adaptability confuses screens
foremost is the pronoun it
absolutely the only path to take
nonsense is only a bit of understanding
comfort is a redeemable pleasure
loveliness is inconsequential
inevitability is a standard
cross references become useful
never forget the incomplete
behave as if you were once young
transmit occassions on also
demand acceptance ineptly
force altruism conceded


substance requires alienation
forfeit all sentences ending
further delay reminds me of it
a consequence believes us
alliances become impervious to
the reluctance of consistency
the lead comes from the heart
the suddenness of capitulation
correlative determination
business without bond
obliteration of molecules
contrasting phenomena do
the only way out is admissible
contrasts are unanimous
the elimination of subject
sensory completeness for it
doubtless concentration helps
conservation of virtues
behaviour without program
purpose is decipt subjected
obstinacy combines plagerism
wakefulness and decision
propositions of failure


probability determines chance
one less to think about today
forever a favorite insulation
absence is a prominent conclusion
too many broke people cry out
independence is a tolerance factor
waves of instability lessen
inconsiderate and within
something else began again
ability to concentrate lightly
some distance from the whole
forgiven for not holding on
expecting delicious surprises
fundamentals dont cry
inhibitions lack lazyness
repetition requires defense
solitude is without form
fortunately too many apples
not to be without remembrance
steadily overcoming slow
one time only upside down
curiosity in formal dress
absolutely no concessions
unstable singing low


persistence requires illumination
stubbornness meets requirements
less than enough is the usual
fourteen acts of bravery village
sometimes I think without wondering
too many consistencies relinquish
absolute freedom finds a form
empty solutions are regenerated
secrets can be kept momentarily
implications are forecast also
tenderness is applicable here
judging the concept of lying
fortunately he could remember
I cant seem to believe in anything
too many commodities hurt
all at once she saw the ending
describe a situation deluxe
pretend you cant understand
forget all previous encounters
reform society to equal
a mediator has gained praise
certain tendencies were ignored
the formal application of freedom
some chance is taken Monday
too many people too many people


consult someone who knows
remind yourself of intolerance
put away those stupid phrases
ignore everything that happens
happiness is permissable once
forgive me for not talking to you sooner
obliterate intentions of blank
fundamentals are out of the way
calling for help requires a voice
too many birds have flown here
in another year the result will vanish
behave by discontent and surprise
a mirror without any reflection
totally seductive and in reverse
qualities tell us we are going away
jealously is locally unstable
forget permanence or the future
understand only one thing please
consideration for all beings was taught
exaggerate principals systematically
overload will cause confusion
upside down is a good way
many times I spoke to you of
letting everything go was at last
consider the power of the land
an unfortunate occurance took
sometimes she succeeds
there’s plenty of thought for
tiresome rituals become rare


red diaper baby


flagrant delusions
optimal suspense


courtesy for all others
sentiment is not brave
no excuses in the spring
foretelling is not always forbidden
some day you rode a horse
coming home is a venture


save all the surprises for you
tonight we can expect anarchy
in one moment I will tell you
forty nine people cannot stand
the beginning was a little bore
expect little help from midgets
in some sense all words travel
there must be no suspicion
dont ally yourself with imps


no future without importance
a second look into the closet
no reminders of inconsistency
partially incomplete in form
nonsense can be betrayed
average abilities just belong
give up your hopes of failure
despise credentials in folders
speak about your past history
change nothing until the order
prospects are becoming red


also we have been behaving
stumbling across the yellow line
plenty of time to think silly
theory just backs us up
modern technology becomes live
fortunately only three people believe
condescension is a form of surplus
some of the pieces will be pure
no one can understand excuses
second thoughts are for children
you must destroy all consequences
instead of two there were four
consistency is a summer tone
complete the requirements before


hopefully I can change my form
without memory surprises occur
many people were left waiting
information gathering is open
concessions can be made Tuesday
sincerity blinds us to disbelief
proportionate methods reconcile
a never ending race for space
formally I would consent to be
there is no solution in pain
concrete brevity is one example
consider the cause of rebellion
do not go without me unless
four or more people are needed
the object was supposed to be eliminated


occurances that take place at night
what would happen if you did
no one else knows exactly what
temptation is just emotional
you have to make the space fit
only reluctance prompts facts
sincerity is so simple to learn
brevity counts if you believe in it
the land cannot belong to anyone
organized forces hide in the woods
screaming for it every where
understand limits underneath
the invisible is more powerful
be careful when joining the party
substantive play comes into action
behave as if nothing had occured
adventures occur when you are polite


applause is like laughter too
lighten the load before you carry it
tenderness is without thought
another decision has been rude
blame yourself for the complexity
you will forget what has happened
justify returning to the place
fortunately there are occasions
formidable without obstinacy
a future destined to be blue
consideration is for old folks
northwest is a permanent direction
I can see the light shining around you
preferences must be considered
no one helps without forgiving
give me more back than I gave
hesitate until the moment
something absurd always happens


second thoughts are altruistic
apples are good for breakfast
sensations delay obsessions
preposterous but accurate
able to consider illusions
noticeable indifference to color
formidable with abstract
conditions improved in the best
circular withdrawal remote
tendency to be immaculate
forbidden to speak out loud
intense diminution of chords
consideration was once considered
applause for those who stand
dont interfere with her impulse
give into those who speak fast
if it is printed disregard it
stand still if someone is lost
remember the elders speak first
almost everyone has a color
elimination of restrictions
forecast of a rainy day
someone else thinks
before there were any
give up speeding
dont tell the men
always be there
ignore white


generous impulses lack facts
correlate the two inbetween the
cast shadows when you walk
pretend no one believes in anything
give up trying to console people
much is to be gained by softly
there are many important insects
underground we do not behave
something tells me to be silent
often I cant care if you do
constancy requires impotence
alive in a reticent fashion
no one else can see beyond the
if in an instant you can do
relating to an artificial form
formidable friends working
equal pay for equal time
dont consider the production
by standing up straight you
illusions are only gaining on us
letting the grass grow instantly
defy authority until the very end
contagious people forget you
fortunate occurances will be
somebody else told on you
the information is for sale
pretend you dont love her


a release of confessions omits
the failure of innocence at
are there really important persons
impermeable without delay costs
indecision makes us vulnerable
constancy permits obstinacy
a book of horrors to be deleted
this or that is a phrase
undone and solely alone
speak of unusual possibilities
contrasts are for many
something encourages
small time pimps
a purpose to deny
we agree upon it
fortitude only
too short
for many


a future witheld indifferently
a shield of defense probability
scenes of nature pass by
only the forest is impermeable
tomorrow will tell differently
subject to exchange forever
read it upside down first
ignore the differences in the
disguise problems with
second choices offer
ignore signals some
disguise the facts
choose to ignore
be belligerent
escape from night
follow the point
intrude fast
be allowed
all the rest


favors imply condescension
sentences should be considered
there is never any use for the usual
articles have been written on it
the test was to develop identity
brutal displays of hilarity over
the difference between us is
condemned versions of texts
innocence cannot be denied
terrible afflictions of prose
ceremonies are wasted on us
truth is just a conclusion
pastimes lack vitality
once again by remote control
centrally located and this
no disturbance is alone
someone else comes along
propositions become
no one thinks of it
practically done
plurality loses
overcome silly
dont pretend
give up


dont condescend to reality
nobody likes resistance
put away your new fears
incredible solutions resist
toxisity is to be levelled off
transfer images to the brain
make sure the future is known
someday you will see it clearly
beneath the surface is discontent
many more insist on change
also intolerable to noisiness
business cannot be contained
insist on distant illusions
extreme definitions persist
the chance to take is off
stress relaxes the arm
much sense relates
tension plus pause
take yourself to the
buckle your belt
leave before it
sense the place
soft shoe


take heed before the sun rises
report all interference at once
succumb entirely to the sentence
incidental parts can be new
release the impulse to negate
question the offer you made
someday you will see the difference
listen to your grandmother closely
send more money please
let me be alone with this
dont study the small details
give up hoping for change
let the new ideas come first
instant retaliation is the rule
prevent one more delay easily
see if the selfish people count
allow all repetitions to be
only four people can understand
try doing it over again
no one else knows the lies
believe in persistence
always cover your tracks
put yourself away
dont hurt anyone
decide about peace


multiple subjects tell the story
events make a big difference
get off at the corner and turn
leave old fashioned ideas behind
behave as if you were visible
give in to impulse on occasion
laugh at those that do not wait
perhaps a decision can be made
take the children with you
imitate the loss of subject
let impossible things believe
try hard to run faster
enough restraint listless
listen to remote sensations
any interference can be recommended
dont let the others escape early
promise me you wont push the button
not many people think about it
colors are important if you believe
give up sending messages
have a little fun first
somebody else listens
interest only widens
let the rebels go


reminiscences are dying out
laughing until you cant stop
dedicated to broadening the past
pursuing an individual occupation
falling down is humerous
anyone else would rebel against
sensations are frivolous when we scream
it happens only once in a while
one handles oneself much better
letting go without trembling
reminding you of every difference
plenty of humor in a twist of verbs
eventually you can understand
all the letters are in different colors
considering witnesses in opposition
Tuesdays there can be no let up
conclusive by telling stories
unacountable to anyone small
by joining two bolts together
quickly go underground before
overcoming objections can be lewd
all the young girls gather bark
only patriots are frustrated when
it doesn’t matter if you begin or not
dont listen with your mouth
preservation impulses are granted
no one else had such a good time
more hesitations before noon
dont come too early please


a consensus had to be made


forthright decisions are real
overlook this instance of past


protests over eating were decided
it took too many chances to call
there is a vision to be seen
consider the autonomy of pirates
sometimes a mistake is made
make your application anonymous


sentimentality has nothing to do
dont pretend you cant understand
make sure it feels real to
the error was made unconsciously
leave the details unattended to
plenty of time is left to imagine
I cannot understand why you are so
give permission to those who want it


Nobody comes without asking
There is no room for relevance
once we thought the same exact thing
we disagree but it can be ignored
once I tried to help him but I
do you long to live by the sea
it doesnt matter if you like
at the end of this sentence there
speaking freely we must over
distinctions have to be made


some institutions have been
work all the time if you believe
something has to be done about
no one else would consider it
forget you exist for a moment
make an end to craving
discover it without desire
if you cant afford it say so
dont let go of the changes
it has to be decided quickly
see what the interference is
postpone meeting stubborn


give up gladly when they call
make an exception alternately
place yourself in a difficult
go around one more time
think of the implications of power
when you are weak you will be
find a new system to work by
words were invented for explicit
where is the wheel in nature
put yourself in a position to
clinging by twos or threes
change the top so it is visible
break all previous conceptions
begin somewhere else but dont


prevent destruction before you go
dont mention a leaf to me
meet an opposite force with
plan everything carefully first
I cant tell the difference anymore
there has to be more than one
it always ends up as a sentence
no coincidences count so
put your troubles away
reverse sequence is to be built
the individual has decided to
unemotional people have been
trust no one but the boss
make sure you know where
close your eyes and the hidden
sit in a circle and hold hands


everyone lacks some confidence
put yourself in his position
eliminate pronouns before and
progressive literature is to be
scorn those who will not
deliver opportunities quickly
forget the opposition when you
drive consequently to left and
signals confuse me when read
too many calamities Wednesday
you must learn to forgive
fight your way through the
people just walk in on you
the page decides where the sentence
settle the differences between you
nullify the agreements that have
secure your thought against any
stop fooling around and listen
skip the next two paragraphs
leave nothing to the imagination


no one has a suspicion that
dont decline the invitation
There is no procedure without
all successes are to be determined
fortunately you dont think properly
tomorrow will make me under
let all equals be subdivided
give up insisting on your own
in a minute or two you will
coming to his senses just to
push the margin further
no one knows more than they
why pretend that nouns move
promise me you will feel secure
which is the challenge to accept
give up all your borders and
you must transcend the ego
consequences may be eliminated
translate even into untold
how many people have power
do you think in the old way


what if the Indians lost all
we know everything there is to know
you can signal each other with power
no one believes in you anymore
suddenly he spoke in English
technology is not a method
sequences come in order
something will happen today
sensations remain constant
if you change once you change
controlling impulses to submit
give up circular motion
as a rule waves cause trouble
roundness is a certain form
concentrate on turning around
The corners become lively
no one else can perform this
I never had doubts about my
we make variable shapes and
there is no predictability
the nearest strange attractor is
sometimes it travels a lot


you cant tell whether they’re going to
dont change your scientific methods
things form and split apart
negligence is a surprise to us
so many people get married
toy animals are available to all
someone brings me a present
I think about you on my birthday
six months before my mother died
anyone else could solve the problem
it is good to stand on free land
superior attitudes are just indifference
find me a real person who can
insoluble but irrascible be
charm the equations out of stars
set an example for your children
don’t scream unless you open your
pass on all information exempt
non-linear types are much friendlier
have you ever eaten a banana split
the words told me to get this
forgiveness used to be a sin
get up every morning and see
go away from here in a hurry
give away a lot of money
dont let them surprise you from
see what business chaos has in
no one can eliminate a particle

[Section 2]


read more about it in the papers
displacement is a rule of science
give in to kind people immediately
go into an isolation chamber
sense the difference between
pour hot water over the tea
walk a lot to see if you can
pretend you are on vacation
all rules are not made to be broken
in his infancy he was really a genius


the desert has plenty to offer
do not conceal yourself in a hut
when they shoot you leave town
behave as if you know what to do
not too many people drink gin
dont think about too many shoes
gambling is something I never
no one can blame you if you die young
give up pretending to be impotent
learn how to make a good
still I sit still when company
the problem recurs yearly


lay down and let me massage
prepare for a great disillusionment
dont let anyone talk you out of it
you have to talk mind to mind
incorporate your unconscious into
the dawn everything when the
give up seeing purple people
I dont want to talk any more
get me some aspirin I have a
listen to the Indian children
no one guesses you are going blind
fill the cup until it dribbles over
meet me on a sunny day in the park
do not defeat your purpose by giving
if they are going to stab you move
all alone is a quieting time
sensations occur beneath the scream


reluctance to inhabit the terrain
dramatic entrance reversed by solo
all the t shirts come in different sizes
every blanket should have a cozy
there seems to be a lazy man in the
give me everything I want right
beyond the belief is the sun
tomorrow is always expected
I cant reform this noun
there is nothing to write about
somebody else likes instructions
for fourteen years I lived there
I saw what was going to happen
the bums all smoked marijuana
substance requires irregularity
insolvent qualities multiply
how many people speak silently
in question of moribund irrelevance


bequeath yourself irrelevance
preposterous occurrences enrage
wild occasions predominate
dominate causal chances
be prepared for a good living
never pretend you are enraged
consideration is implication
never stay still for very long
use the harshest words you
develop an immunity to order
compute him twice over
dont form a selfish concept
reality bugs the hell out of me
turn around when you see
there are no coincidences
preponderance of pronouns
independence is crucial to


the decision must last until
forthright communication is
you have at least two minds
instances of instability singing
abhorrence to admire secrets
she cant be betrayed today
we stood at the fence and
permit me to lower the density
transfer all your intelligence to
the disappearance or appearance of
impatience will do just as well
there isn’t any definite time for
action requires insolence
to be stupid is to be one
believe in effortlessness
she thinks she spoiled
there is no ending to this
I’m caught in a trap of verbs
loosely related to the error
forgiving production as


the lack of intent is noticed
prevalence of reason exists for
can you see yourself beside yourself
I see you move to the sink while
fortuitous but unbendable
the reversal of everything so
She is not in touch with silence
presentation of the real takes
a formidable opponent of sorts
try to release your energy
the purchase value of a
inherited wealth belongs to
some people make statements
the world will not come to an
breathe deeply
forget tomorrow
see the mirror
every detail
into infinity
digital system


promises can be made broken
lift yourself off your chair
remain still for a long time
the reproduction process is
sit next to him and feel him
under stress the popular
speed is prohibited USA
dream of tomorrow and realize
his light image moved to the
forget the insolent in politics
she doesnt intend to live here any
disjunctive and non-sequential
the energy rises up the spine
some people consider the chakras
instances of instability instead
forgetting all you ever learned
directions by sign predominate
code control
floating high
perception low
dreaming body
silent knowing
crossing streets


Pedro was the smartest child
irreducible income prevails
an anarchist in a nest of
probable causes can be explained
what if the universe dissolved
sometimes we can believe each
the elimination of God is historical
reliance upon the short sentence
dont tell me a story unless you
every day we discover a change
can you hear the tears of the past
did you ever have your shoes
enter into simulation now
is truth really reversible
and what about the cool universe
treading without stepping on
try to kick him in the heel
does she speak backwards to you
write an article on the future
welcolm to my home in May


are we going on parallel lines
some have the power to lead
do you consider yourself popular
she is going to tell the story of
chaos changes thought a little
have we really grown impatient
you can see his energy from his
do you listen to your conscious
the attraction of all matter
go by every possible path
and it is always attractive
the singularity would always
the rotation is zero quoted
corroboration doesnt count
interstices see the difference
hypersensitivity to all fluids
jumping across a wide chasm
predicting rain in four days
being followed by the FBI
reciprocation is a kindness
that scarf is worn by the PLO
to be


the world is probably meaningless
cease believing in history
seduction is an ecstatic form
the density of the object
the revolution is over she said
truth lures us on somewhere
its the fourth center that
step aside and save your life
can you feel me coming from
I know what you’re thinking
there must be some unity
groups move faster than
there are no coincidences
the disappearance of meaning
the images of the dead appear
he can cause it to rain
how many children do you have
she could walk between the
wait until someone comes
coffee or wine will over
stay at alpha levels


the crossfire was Henry’s way
once about around a time
sitting in a circle clockwise
stamp a seal and let it be
is for the bend total standing
relax pursue evoke one too
small underneath wrapped
purposeful retain description
something driving cactus space
sleeping alone is the way said
perfect alone smoke long
steady increase positive next
seeing believing refusal twice
absent fond removing power
plane resistance steady nine
personal feather sage bag
disinterest meeting water girl
sleeping floor blanket boys
door falling pipe sluice made
sofa cable truck tape phone
insistance withdrawn formidable
car desert Mac Donalds machines
subsequent power altered May
derivative solstice teepee pole
chokeberries pail cedar fire
devil Garfield tee shirt pin
pat {loof} seeing know tell


propriety endless child give
isolate play war two doors less
feathers take table yard drum
watching blanket eggs yard
drive jacket hospital wait
zoo promises sage teepee one
celibacy tobacco pierce dance
drink porch night unwilling
pool river shells reservation
visitors games popcorn store
traditional Mexico guns obey
feud strength images travelling
grandmother murder separate
cruising nineteen black Ninja
no bikes clothesline machine
rugs stereo makeup sewing
jacket beads radio bed blanket
call prison death blessing
plane three men cart walkway
bacon trash wash medicine
seal baby truck visitors
depression beer rawhide
meet corn Leonard phones
school vacation popcorn is
bedrooms doors backyard
look-out fort steps rock


Rochdale Smithy Bridge Littleborough
Todmorden Hebden Bridge Mytholmroyd
Sowerby Bridge Halifax arrive
say so


on the way back to the village
there are little periods inbetween
no one writes a complex sentence
even Henry could write verse
give away


he cannot read or write language
several men will take his place
waiting for a prisoner’s call
mastery of non mastery certain
there was a long road and a bus
no one walks away to the
13th Street
left or
take the bus
baby cries
getting it
all movies


we saw George and in a certain
only death can interrupt the sentence
the consistency of elastic bands
passing the eagle feather over
an exterior melody listens
useless for functionary purposes
ran out of money before the
never mind the land is safe
Main Street
agent for
strictly in
out of style


she remembers standing still
he looked for food everywhere
those are fake cigarettes on
no one can afford toilet paper
six people sleep on the floor
the women separate themselves
she took money from Lesbians
delight of
vitality of
distorted by
boring to
vestigial so
obligation to
more is not less


going to late parties and leaving
preparing the ground for ceremony
sweeping the water off the walk
walking alone on the streets late
having friends who smoke pot
giving away your favorite toy
listening in dreams to the radio
waiting in an airport reading
filling in the blank spaces
participants in
simplicity so
ambiguity also
ironic is important
less is a bore
paradox such
making lists
spending money
making rain
sitting still


forgetting about remembering
standing first in line behind
believing in historical change
learning how to be an elder
distinguishing orgasm from bliss
giving the land back to the Indians
not sleeping with your wife when
smoking a peace pipe with friends
letting the paltry live through young
watching an old feud murder the girl
substance requires
next polarities
complete the way
individuation exists
dont make it normal
never finish it
record the old songs
fly in your astral
ambiguity extends
the juxtaposition
paradoxical the
significance first
texture counts
clarity abandoned
closed yet open


it may be pleasure after all
no sexual deviants attend
promise me you will listen
pick up all those papers after you
some prisoners were brought to
am I smarter than I used to be
let no one surrender to the state
determinism almost solely
prepare for those little flowers
a whirl around the center stops
fortuitous and plenty often
inflection to promote
double functioning
profile follows
adjacent elements
circumstantial adepts
horizontal continuity
superadjacency is
consideration abound
living with Indians
necessity predominates
everyone comes around
responsibility for a
telling lies all the
forbidden autocracy
decided by five


pertaining to the right ventricle
always entering from the left
circling round and round
get up and do it before she enters
look at the way they put in doors
servant space was in the sentence
the plan proceeds from within to
the sound of only one drum
she cannot write in the first
he talked to the thunder rain came
she picked a rose up by the
it had a false front
the meeting of exterior
take J down clockwise
dont prefer your own color
some just sit still
watching television helps
the iniative of reversibility
the discourse of truth is
is this a cool universe
the silence of slavery
the position reverses
there is a meeting
forsake the whole
Pedro is sixteen
superadjacency is
a room as a space in


the obligation toward the difficult
whole or half is a decision
making it work even if you
the relationship of the poor
sometimes it helps to scream
speechless but with documents
reading it over again future
there is no end to the matter
let each be burnt by itself
dedicated produce would have
dough that is still dumb
the custom is to do work
a man should always behave
a half after the eighth
a flintstone into a
renders the other needless
root them out and
this is the general rule
to build a house
what time in the eve
include the days of the
return a greeting out
loudly enough for
on the top of a tree
pronounces them exempt


journeys in a place of danger
he should direct his heart
the burning spices even
they sweep up the room
mountains hills seas rivers
at intervals of time they begin
there is but one world it says
brought in for storage through
sumach carob walnut trees
ownerless property is on the
is in regular use is also a
the fence does not serve as a
if a man sowed his field
they may be believed about
they may not compel a man
when the plane takes off
sitting at an oblong table
watching your sons grow
feeding the poor two meals
giving back the land to the
dreaming about getting cash
somebody dies and you dont
the whites dont have common sense


remembering things falsley
meeting the opposing forces
divided into twos or threes
always creating revolution
gathering together despite some
breaking down the sentence
eating only vegetables with
both and for a very long
changing from inside to out
recording all your deposits
the sex which is not one written
she was alienated from her
the tribe stood as a subject
all the men interviewed
some distance between
operating as molecules
dividing the structure
being a woman alone in a
talking about the land
giving some to others who
listening to the news
letting the women work
gathering together in groups
transcribing notes into some


breaking down the borders
not imposing a life sentence
a major political work is done
anything you say will be
sometimes she lives for soon
tomorrow is a day you can tell
she talks to people of color
he just went crazy many
with intent to sell a money said
she lives in San Francisco now
when will you interrupt this form
he spoke in a linear fashion
Frank, dont answer that she said
she is reading all her old books
terrorism not politics said
just cutting it short a little
sometimes the memory comes
the color is fading on channel
who else can read your mind
political work can be done on
mixing up the syntax helps
despite two heart attacks he
oh good grief she wrote too
the challenge of the form
letting go the sequence before


manipulation this is very white
I also have a question as to his
destroy attractive enjoy
substructure analysis without
like obedience like silence
forget sentence structure repeat
like some obediently construction
instead just put in a polite say
two paragraphs require hurry
struggle backward hurts
someone preferred silence end
the men’s constitutional rights
did you always travel with your
once, taking it, I saw a in
under any circumstances basis
there is singing and drumming
incorporated christianity into
in the memories maintain we
absolute perfection subjunctive
laugh content perceptive
so he says it’s revealed what


power itself manifests light as
belonging people to the family
undoubles and divides each
at the level of theory as a de
not to be able continued sentence
and even without forcing a
the poor women came to buy cheap
not to oppose conception found
people such as merchant seamen
think men of street on the noon
buses night every elven to take
tables cement benches radius fence
white artists others worked
repeated Judas theory of {parof}
I stole a book today guess if
know instantly like act quick
sometimes in advance be prepared
sequence suddenly revealing
leaving reasons the later anyway
some course chart lives for object


solution ahead leap to over
relapse to comfort of memory forbid
some people preserve it like away
the fact that political change
repeat silently messages in syntax
the deer, the horse, the great eagle
whatever befalls the earth befalls the
I’ve come to a stop another ends
night late at read write watch
the end where is it clear all at
Ah, said the god, I can see a point of
in my if not finished work I m
called clever this painted colour
and myself until I just noticed
someone sends a blanket or two
no they never sold the rubbers again
cobblestones downhill all the way
both gas fires on {fueld} gale rushes
curse of this climate certainly prayed
its really interesting the process about
felt very and thought pleased oh


purloined letter some tell tales
that is it and was surprised I’d not
much more conventional a new language
inventing recognizable like straight
it has to scan I’m tone deaf
my faulty ears the rhythm right
just let the voices drift over me
the trouble is I also feel like a
systematically derange roundabout
thus I find your insight full of
I can actually hear what you’re saying
throw up hands your horror in
not if better I it say in ink
rice and beans what the hell {archie}
address or a stamp fifty cents
can you ever all brawn and round
there’s one who’ll live to be eighty
craggy rocks with grass too steep
elevator down to the donkey beach
absence of time between 5 and 7

[Section 3]


renunciation and something else
feeling the look of presence
going uptown in the aura
eating pizza on the street
just once more non-
its so clear with Indians
you can feel the mind
filling needs
this was pro


men forgive stay in silence
semblance of the structure
what is organized thrombosis
guess what the interferance is
stay in silence forever seen
what is the futurism
against the suggestion
the power is silence
peace on the land
my life is granted
upon a page


I am in reverse substantive
imbuement overintelligent subject
honest front remorse station
answer nonbalance substitution
some fill the page inbetween
some chaos in the bewilderment
science on the page objected
guess what intelligence is
guess what I write upon the
next sentence page subject
why write about white
what is rewarded say
someone the mind
political future
language for


required I lie until someone
forgive substance required
unto language allsmy tired
infrequent bereft please fill
subject unrequired laxative
substantive until unless
subject interferrence locution
space infrequent play on {wo}
spill confined subsequent
required interferrence {instace}
until the page is filled up
{requi} someone helps some
unfit plastic what is
upon required frequent
lesson unsure safety
what is tomorrow
bells are ringing
black instead
somewhat be


prefer the space compliments
white history succeeds until
some say tomorrow night why
the struggle insists on the line
upsist regards on the subject
praise what is the space conf
bring substantive complete
sister sit still I’m tired this
fill interference wise graduate
hannah my subject intelligence
what is required substantive {sti}
complete finished why the
repeat the sentence unfilled
there is some interference
why the constellation sharp
unbefore unfilled why
the seen reported subject
dont joke unpressed
why the white space
interpreted need
white culture


white guilty transferrence
write page upon the sequence
dynamic interrupted complete
silence intelligence writer
some please extraordinary for
until the someone page unfilled
required lipstick what upset
white writer included somespace
white society disgusted {substant}
I’m listening for interference what
substructure what is upon subject
I continued someone forgets dont
guess what the interference is
subject upset is required
laugh somewhat ignored by
dont language finish the {sits}
sentence structure unplease
unplace some subject inter
I dont scandal finish the
somewhat uphandle still
someone until sister
white society cult
someone instructs
please contact


some sit still figure it out
I was required by silence
plan tomorrow night write
someone is upset I’m subject
dont try to forgive samedhi
jokes intelligence installed
some please required until
why the transferrance elegance
subject enclosed someclosure
{sofits} until sentence completed
please be insulted writer upset
please be completed suggest repeat
strategy unfit learning sequence
unbought some casual unafraid
some speakers rude intromobile
some white special interference
just dont do it at the church be John
by name substantive {liver} {som}
gets excited sometimes
please believe I am substituted
has a letter write for the future
project understands he was
included white and smile


from a photograph of Russell
a sense of peace but total
so Mary really has a book in
contact was enough to enable me
forgetting immediately right away
of feeling power as strength
waiting beside the truck short
where do you start I dont under
find someplace for breakfast
only if they remember and not
if you keep looking you only
if she is angry or rich you feel it
last month I saw a double double
some fences dividing some colors
its nice to promise everyone
there is a desire in fear of slipping
they said it on top of the hill
and we went through the town
they stretch onto the moors
she writes not me this like

[Section 3a]


the insationable quotient quote
tomorrow western presence obscure
without definition in a collection
some way to describe the long way without sent
a period replaces a space no longer between


someone else has to bother to do
absence cannot here without the
never forget if you leave a fire
sequences permit paragraphs pages rememorable
suddenly a clarifying thought is called by a
the old show light and the young are smart


we are all so glad to be alive this
happy to see each other someone
a bridge toll and a tunnel toll
it was the other lover who went
dont anymore this like write said
anyone who reads me will they feel it
because you were political young you
understand power was it the place
standing still in the cold I get smart


so convince people over the radio
champagne for the artists wine for
classless but class some upstairs
because you live in another county
all the names were combinations of
you write like this I this like write
you made me think for three days
if you change the culture first you
monkeys forgive each other she wrote
still the same hate over and over again


I can choose black or the red Rose
the structure of machine or springs
that’s what I mean by play
the two sides of a binary opposition
we turn on and off like lights
each has been especially influential
drive me to my grave please daughter of
we can preserve the silences but
we were inferior because we did not
someone screamed was it torture or
comfrey– structure of body – calcium
I wonder why the cry of the seagulls


I suffered through an incredibly
I packed the vacines and serums, Dr.
It’s a small island but its only
It’s very tricky to write the thought
beginning sometime in the middle
you’re getting older, dont you think
she had long strawbery blonde
English labor theory of value
you go to readings and parties
the extent of a commitment
social existence determines
will you be my friend til you die
surmount any difficulty within
people of other languages also


she is not a pamphletier or a
very comfortable form of living
functions other than those of
the greatest happiness of the
it is a fierce fight begin
opposed to any rational organ
I already know my fate
this is not to negate the spiritual
the individual no matter how
revolution is a myth he said
translated into thought words
be absent say moth as progress
if the mind of the group is felt
transformation of competition
sudden realization perceive


perhaps there is no time she person
including a sharing of spiritual
these values become the conscience
have yet to learn ↑to live↓ as people of power
ability and learning would have
been less devoted to the truth
within a group form and bring
look at the people around who
I have been lucky to know powerful
sources from which leaders are
that {spony} refferrent, the masses
telepathic knowing we as connected
nickels cannot account for
think differently in the presence
2 way communications
worthwhile prone to suicide
a pacifist with a knife
for purpose of total social


somewhere the end is coming
are you ready to believe what you
everyone disagrees on the colors
go to the movies and see
no society can suppress desire for
was the music heard in sound
some people repeat themselves we
adapt tactics to every change
very few of them and some died
what is to be done what is to be
appeal to immediate concerns
last for only a short time in
available for distribution
willing to work or help
productive necessary
she who would saying
writing backwards
not state in the {compre}
this advantage choose


when I die I will be buried
if you engage in terror written
wait a while to be born
use your powers of mind
you have to be under 44 inches
narrative requires memory
a formal syntactic process
undecidable women moment
the unthought speaking other
go toward the bum at the corner
the unthought speaking other
the desire for the intact quote
translating two words the other
I love vegetables
reading is also {fract}
language can act
carried into action
too close in context
does it remind you of
writing sentences this
understanding problem


now when there is the last place
next to three already there time
someone will smoke the pipe
the great attractor galaxies being
three books instead of the four
an imitation of something that does
I let ___ deal with it last page
the order of reader beyond the
confidence the post modern
conspiracy rendezvous some
now it is time to start another
how hopelessly the two sides
red geraniums in the window
you’re visiting me in England and
but he was never warm enough
when it rains the trees wave
get on a bus
get off a train
dont take a boat
time to face
small tight
was blowing
and the spiders
slippery down
where do you
love come to a


[one blank page at the end of the notebook]



Diplomatic transcript of The Book Of Revelations
The Landscape of Hannah Weiner's Late Work
Notes on This Edition

1: Misspelled and alternative spelled words
2: Neologisms
3: Part-words and uncertain transcriptions
4: Proper names
5: Literary allusions