Bill of Rights

Bill — a document sealed — as in a sign or small picture — to lend authority, credence — to

make official what are — rights — ruled — what is proper fair and fitting — what was heretofore implied or inspired — to enumerate, ratify — to make real — to make the abstract concrete —

poetry, poems


We have rights — protections that must be protected — protection written into the body of a

nation — shaping the shape of it:


Faith and speech

guns or grievance

no army in my house

no taking of my land

no searching no seizing

grand speedy and jury

nothing cruel or unusual and oh yes —

I do love peaceably assembling.

I do love petitioning the government for a redress of my grievances.

I do love my soldier free home.

And maybe I could love the security of a free state if all were truly free.

As I would love my government to be fair and predictable.

Because I believe, I do — I want to — to believe

in a government of the people,

and the unalienable rights of all the people

never to be surrendered,

always to be fought for,

or retrieved.