19th Century Well(s) Woman Vision Board

I will not begin at this late day by doing what my soul abhors; sugaring men … with flattery to retain them as escorts or to gratify a revenge. — Ida B. Wells, May 4, 1884

a railroad railroads
conducts seat removal from first class ladies

violates Civil Rights Act of 1875
commits the un-civil on un-idle Ida

Ida, no Memphis and Charleston Railroad sad entertainment
no under broom sweepings for traveling medicine shows of colored women

Well(s) Woman isn’t even thinking about giving up her seat

three men drag her out by ankles and wrists
to a crowded combustible smoking car

local court awards her $500
“Seat seeker or rabble rouser?” Railroad and Tennessee Supreme Court ask
before reversing decision

Ida’s writing for the Evening Star is Free Speech and Headlight
a meditation on The Living Way
the rock you can’t hide under

a schoolteacher fired for writing
noble   Noble   No bull

Taylor Nightengale of Memphis knows
as does everybody in the “Curve”
People’s Grocery colored owners were murdered dead

do you abandon (Insert Your Town’s Name--------------)
or claim the spoils of your built-the-city-for-free rights?

the crying over spilt and split open loved ones is long
is the burning edge of Your Town’s stagnant oil and water schools
is the antidote to states’ rights and anti-equitability