Disjointed always measures you in projected outwardness, external to drama all objects concepts
            and motion musicality of line as visual surface, physical hone fast observation organized
the feeling that the author is always distracted into focus
often interrupted into human emotion
by touch drifting out of technicalities
into imperatives, assonance, beat
“cool brown / snow (saxophone) / falling on my tow”
each stimulant reminds another stimulus / neither love nor
lust linear / as close to song I know “Oh flower of water’s rent”
/ miraculous / details do as they’re doing / “walk over me
I” / I enter each sentence I end beginning
the reduction of
connecting language, essential scenery
the shock of being lovingly among
it reacts strongly of day. My butler’s
imperfect / illogic
the emotional vicissitudes / of human behavior. nouns on stilts /
a series of exclamatory O’s
for decorative and transparent
effect / put some broken lines before
others, for effect / making thought, made
that thought exists. / puts made
objects first then action next yet
              sparingly so / plays piano / the mind can take consequences laugh / chuckle / never accept
why name what inflames you? what
you do isn’t / barely enough
has air to be noticed / to be
the disturber from the disturbed / that loss another
nothing wasted chance / always given shape
god fucking damn
is human
at best; uncalculated; as served
“Autumn-Time, Wind and the Planet Pluto” /
“I bathe me anonymous.”
Whitman. Simile’s
Original essay
like this:
I hate and am fundamentally against most things
but comedy
I like
everything outside
responsibility /
Joseph Ceravolo
bothers me
his guitars
go backward scissors /
interior exterior. bother
some. them who destroy and
like to watch you
pull the strings
fat hair
man seal
it’s the GM cap on Missouri
learned how
to blend
and collide