Archive of detainee artwork

Editorial note: The 228 paintings and drawings that appear in the link below are published in Jacket2 as part of “FOIA Request #SC 15–102-S: The Detainee Library,” Jordan Scott and Stephen Voyce’s feature devoted to obtaining a list of contents held at the library at the US Guantánamo Bay detention camp on the coast of Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. The library archive is a record of those materials that are, as Scott and Voyce write in this feature, “what for many detainees is their only exposure to books and films over a fifteen-year period of incarceration, torture, and isolation. Most of these texts are written in English, while the library contains smaller selections of works in Arabic, Bahasa, French, and Urdu.” These 228 paintings and drawings were created by those imprisoned at Guantánamo Bay. — Julia Bloch

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