Articles - July 2022

‘An escape from daily pronouns’

S. Brook Corfman’s journal poems and the domestic life of queer gender

Sliver from a pallasite meteorite from Fukang (Xinjiang, China). Image via Wikimedia Commons.

If the self in everyday life is like a jar without a lid, exposed and vulnerable to impacts, tipping over and spilling out, then S. Brook Corfman’s 2020 book My Daily Actions, or The Meteorites, a record of the self in everyday life, endeavors to hold that vessel carefully and watch it overflow: “I traced myself in peppermint oil, for protection. During the storm, each room filled with water, a jar always brimming. An escape from daily pronouns.

‘devising of depe renewall’

Caroline Bergvall’s transhistorical translation

Caroline Bergvall at her Kelly Writers House Fellows reading, March 28, 2022. Photo by Kelly Writers House staff.

The Oxford English Dictionary offers eighteen senses for defining translation.