Chronology & notes for Sawako Nakayasu's "Some Girls"

Partial page from Sawako Nakayasu, "Selected Chronology & Notes" to the book "Some Girls Walk into the Country They Are From"

When Sawako Nakayasu’s book Some Girls Walk into the Country They Are From is acquired, some or perhaps most copies will include a pamphlet-style supplement entitled “Selected Chronology & Notes.” Apparently some copies do not include this extra. Yet the notes can be crucial to understanding individual poems in the book. For instance, we learn something that some readers will know from echoes of the predecessor poem in the text of the new poem found in the book — that “Girls Respond Quickly To A Call From Up High” is in part a rewriting of Robert Frost’s “The Silken Tent” (1939). And those who have in their ears and minds Bob Dylan’s post-apocalyptic vision-song “A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall” (1963) will not need to know what one learns from these notes — that “Girl A’s Peanuts And Girl D’s Mouthful” is a kind of translation of those lyrics. As a service to those whose reading of Nakayasu’s book will be augmented by these sources (not to mention the chronology of composition), Jacket2 is providing a PDF copy of the supplement HERE.