Benjamen Walker and the year of sound


Steve McLaughlin represented the Kelly Writers House on a committee steering the University of Pennsylvania through its “year of sound” (2013-14). Needless to say, sound is right down our audiophilic alley. Steve organized an event as part of the theme year at the Writers House — held on February 4, 2014 — and it featured experimental radio host and producer Benjamen Walker. Audio and video recordings of the full program are available, but today we are releasing a Kelly Writers House podcast, number 35 in the series, that offers a 15-minute excerpt of the hour-plus-long program. The excerpt was edited by Matt Bernstein.

Benjamen Walker's work has been heard on the BBC, NPR, and the CBC. His current podcast is called “The Theory of Everything” (a member of the brand new PRX podcast network RADIOTOPIA, He also hosted a program called “Too Much Information” on WFMU. He uses both fiction and nonfiction in his work and often interviews his friends as well as experts.