Arthur Miller on poetic film? Say what?

Today I’ve been listening (downloaded it to my iPod) a two-part symposium on the poetic film that was hosted by the poet and avant-garde film-maker Willard Maas in 1953 at Cinema 16. It’s up at UbuWeb here. (Ubu surely has more Maas than any collection.) Ubu hosts a collection of rare audio from the Anthology Film Archives and this is one of them. Arthur Miller and Dylan Thomas are part of the discussion — which is odd because neither seems familiar with avant-garde film, nor particular interested in the topic. For a better view of the Facebook posting/discussion, click on the image above.

Charlie Conway added this later: “I remember reading some diatribe by Thomas against Maya Deren I think … On the inverse, it’s not uncommon for relatively progressive filmmakers to have rather narrow tolerances for experimental theater. Not to mention the other inverse — that is, of course, it being impossible for me to say the last time I heard ANY filmmaker even talk about Rae Armantrout or fill-in-the-blank … I’ve often found it strange how a person’s involvement in an avant-X usually fails to translate to that person’s faith in other avant’s by, well, even the merest modicum of analogy … Samuel Beckett’s obsession with Schubert comes to mind … Though Schubert might be considered ‘news that stays news.’”