Commentaries - December 2019

Sound / Writing: essays on homophonic translation

Sound /Writing: 
traduire-écrire  le son et le sens
homophonic translation — traducson — Oberflächenübersetzung
edited by Vincent Broqua and Dirk Weissmann / 356 pp. 
is just out from Editions des Archives Contemporaines
Print edition available soon; I will post information here when I have it.  

Close Listening with Claude Royet-Journoud

© 2008 Charles Bernstein

I recorded this Close Listening conversation with Claude Royet-Journoud in Paris on November 24, 2019. We talked about his early years in London, his editing of Siècle à mains, meeting Anne-Marie Albiach, his extraordinary poetry interview program for France Culture, as well as his trips to the United States.