Commentaries - February 2010

All the president's libretti. Yesterday, journalist Carl Bernstein took some time at a Manhattan restaurant to read the libretti Charles Bernstein wrote for Ben Yarmolinsky's music in Blind Witness. My favorite literary photographer, Lawrence Schwartzwald, happened by and took this photo of the productive Bernstein convergence. (The photo was taken at Barney Greengrass (the Sturgeon King), Upper West Side deli on Amsterdam Avenue.)

The video recording of our annual January "Mind of Winter" event--which always begins with a reading of "The Snow Man" by Wallace Stevens--is now available: here.

We subsidize rent for emergent artists.

I'm pleased to see that our ArtsEdge program is mentioned in an I'm pleased to see that our ArtsEdge program is mentioned in an article in today's Daily Pennsylvanian. We subsidize rent for emergent artists - one writer per year who is associated with the Kelly Writers House (and, often, will teach a course). The project is a collaboration with the Fine Arts department of Penn's School of Design and the Real Estate and Facilities division.

roll over, Brion Gysin

Google Voice transcripts are given in verse. A blogger today wrote: "Roll over, Brion Gysin, and tell Bill Burroughs the news: There's a new sheriff in Cut-Up Land, and his motto is Don't Be Evil." (Thanks to Peter Holstein for pointing this out.)

We at PennSound are happy that our tweets are met with such enthusiastic responses. Here our recommendation of David Antin's talk poems causes Miguel Lopez-Remiro to pronounce Antin "the best speaker you can listen to." We too love Antin's voice and mode. Here's the link. We hope you will follow PennSound on twitter.