Commentaries - December 2008

Back in March of 2001 I spent an hour talking with David Sedaris. A downloadable audio recording of that discussion is now available. Here’s a direct link to the mp3. Be sure to check out our Sedaris page for some context, and if your machine runs RealVideo (if you have a “RealPlayer”) click here and watch the same convo. The night before my conversation with him, Sedaris read selections from his stories and essays. The photo here was taken in the Arts Cafe of the Kelly Writers House.

In 1999 I helped bring out a new edition of a fabulous noir-ish novel by Ira Wolfert, called Tucker’s People (1943). Now Google Books has made the text of this book — including my introduction — available on the web. Go here and read. One of the novel’s ideas: the underside of the American economy is fascist. (See an earlier post.)

We’ve just created a new iTunes channel for a selection of audio recordings of entire Writers House programs. So far there are thirty-five such recordings, ranging from PhillyTalks (two avant-garde poets reading poems and interacting) to a Kennedy clan memoirist chatting over lunch about the familial basis of his addictions. Go to your iTunes music store and type “Kelly Writers House” in the searchbox. Choose “Kelly Writers House Programs” and hit “subscribe.” Or just follow this link and you’ll be taken directly to our new channel in your iTunes.

In a recent PennSound podcast, I feature a twenty-minute except from an hour-plus conversation I had with Adrienne Rich in April 2005. Click here for the audio recording of the podcast.