From the voice to the book

Jerome Rothenberg, 2010 Threads Talk Series presentation


Jerome Rothenberg on May 7, 2010, presenting at the Threads Talk Series (curated by Steve Clay and Kyle Schlesinger), mapped branches of book culture that are typically kept apart. Rothenberg reviews the differences between — and the need to bring together — speech and writing and printing, and he uses this summary as a way of freshly re-defining ethnopoetics.  The title of the talk from which this podcast-length (18 mins.) excerpt is taken: “From the Voice to the Book, from the Book to the Voice: a Dialectic.”  The Threads Talk Series page at PennSound includes, of course, the full audio recording of the talk, the introduction by Steve Clay, and the 38 minutes of discussion that followed the talk. Amaris Cuchanski hosts and introduces this 24th podcast in the PennSound Podcast series.  The editing was done by Nick DeFina. T.he produce of PennSound Podcasts is Al Filreis.