Poetry and architecture


In a Segue Series event at the Bowery Poetry Club hosted and curated by Trace Peterson, Robert Kocik, Benjamin Aranda, and Vito Acconci each speak for about twenty-six minutes about relations between poetry and architecture. The event took place on April 25, 2009. Both audio and video recordings of each talk are available on PennSound. Peterson wrote this about the event afterward: “People really turned out for this event: I counted over seventy in the audience including David Antin, Ellen Zweig, Gail Scott, Wystan Curnow, Eileen Myles, Andrew Levy, Abigail Child, Walter Lew, Jonathan Skinner, Jennifer Scappetone, Andy Fitch, and many Segue regulars. But a portion of the audience was people I had never seen before, people connected with architecture who would otherwise perhaps not have the experience of attending a poetry event.” And Peterson’s account — as well as the text of the introduction to the event — can be found here. Matthew Bernstein edited the whole recording to create a fifteen-minute excerpt; Emily Harnett hosts and introduces the podcast, which is the thirty-seventh in the PennSound podcasts series.